23 July 2008

There have been more than a dozen pandemics since 1730. Each has been an entirely new virus, for which we had no immunity. One of the more recent pandemics, an influenza virus, while in transit between the America’s and Asia was found to have mutated 8 times.
With heat shock and pollutants such as heavy metals favoring horizontal gene transfer; and the antibiotics increasing the frequency of horizontal gene transfer up to 10,000 times. We need to take another look at our worse case scenarios.
We know that –
Bacteria naturally attempt gene transfer to produce their own food.
GMO’s shed genes more readily then natural organisms.
The gene package in the GM food we consume daily, survive in human saliva for an hour.
Ingested DNA sequences large enough to contain whole genes have remained intact and entered the blood and tissues.
The bacteria Agrobacterium Tumefaciens is in all soils and is frequently used to transport the gene insertion package.
Parts of the insertion package have been found in human intestines, GMO releases were approved because reassurances were given that this would not happen.
I am asking to test Agrobacterium Tumefaciens and other typical soil bacteria, and the common bacteria we as humans carry, to see if their are increases in attempted gene transfer when in contact with GMO’s and antibiotics.
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Presently, in the 200 million acres of GM crops planted in North America, are workers with mutated viruses, flu viruses and on antibiotics while eating their GM food. Our field tests are a support of this.
The government has been shown how to approach growing & producing GM safely indoors. We can destroy the insertion package before allowing the product into the market place. Currently no effort has been made to reduce these risks. Production increases from growing indoors proves GM releases unnecessary for the production of food.
The minister of health has informed us that we have increased our pandemic preparations because of concerns of the bird flu mutating. The minister of the environment spouts ERMA like some form of mantra.
Perhaps readers would like to e-mail the Ministers and ask them “How many more pandemics? Or what are the risks with GM food and antibiotics? Or do bacteria attempt gene transfer more often because of GM releases? These are fundamental questions; ask why existing research into horizontal gene transfer will not answer this.
When they start talking about something else and you have reminded them of the question, and finally they refuse to answer, join me in asking them to do testing in the lab and find out.
In election year find a party that will fix this, or make one. Currently with what we do know; you do not get to survive the worse case scenario.

Peter Brake
Former Management Accountant
Bioengineering Institute
Auckland University
PO Box 131 Awanui
Ph (09) 4087979 (027 2668080)


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