https://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/08/09/obamas-impending-pearl-harbor/#more-4103 After a very productive time (working, not playing) in Hawaii, I believe that the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor is an apt metaphor for what awaits Barack Obama if he becomes the Democrat’s official nominee. Michelle’s “whitey” tape and the controversy over his birth certificate are the least of […]

Russo-Georgian Conflict Originates with Soros Subversion Editor, Restoration www.freewebs.com/renaissancepress George Soros, the currency speculator is one of the primary elements in subverting traditional societies in order that they better fit into a new world order. Soros backs on a world scale what might loosely be termed the contemporary version of […]

Legal therapy gets Pan founder Jim Selim $55m IN the weeks after a faulty batch of travel sickness medication sent people across the country into bizarre and dangerous hallucinations, a group of senior officers from the country’s drug regulator met to discuss the crisis.With 19 people in hospital suffering symptoms […]

https://www.chris-floyd.com/content/view/1585/135/ Time pressures preclude proper blogging today, but as our astute commenter Scott Douglas notes, Seamus Milne has an excellent commentary on Georgia and Russia in today’s Guardian, so I’m just going to expropriate great swathes of it here: The outcome of six grim days of bloodshed in the Caucasus […]