The plan for an economic takedown, the results of rampant market speculations, insiders picking up assets for pennies on the dollar, the coming hyperinflation, the credit crunch, collapse of the dollar carry trade, suppression of metals prices, American meddling in Georgia

The Big Sting Two is now being implemented by the Illuminati, but they have run into some major snafus that are ruining their attempt to bring America to its knees in preparation for the creation of a one-world system of government, with its associated police state, financial system and one-world religion. The plan was to bring down the US economic and political juggernaut while leaving their own interests either in tact, or perhaps only marginally damaged due to the takedown of our economy. Instead, they have destroyed both their financial and military power bases, and have managed, by virtue of their overreaching, overarching greed and corruption, to include themselves in the long list of their intended victims. "The Big Sting One" was of course implemented in the year 1929 by past adherents to this very same global, one-world ideology, and that sting led directly to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. While those who executed the 1929 sting were from another era, they were every bit as corrupt and evil as the current group of reprobates and sociopaths who comprise the latest den of Illuminist vipers, and perhaps even more so, if that were possible. We have mentioned both these "Big Sting" scenarios repeatedly in the IF, with The Big Sting One being a matter of history, and The Big Sting Two being a hypothetical, yet highly likely, repeat of the events that led up to the perpetration of The Big Sting One.

The Big Sting One was essentially a run-up of real estate and financial markets through rampant speculation caused by the malevolently profligate financial policies of the recently formed Fed, a private consortium of big bankers intent on taking over our political and economic systems so that they could manipulate them for fun and profits until they were ready to discard them in favor of a one-world system. At the height of speculation, the insiders who owned the Fed or were otherwise a part of the elitist group of megalomaniacs in government and business acting in concert with the Fed and its Illuminist cadre, were told that the Fed was going to pull the plug on the money supply and send the markets into a tailspin. This same group of insiders were further told when this fiendish event would happen. The insiders were given sufficient notice so that they had time to gradually liquidate their paper holdings and convert them into gold and other real tangible assets such as commodities. They were later told, in the aftermath of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the election of FDR as President in 1932, that eventually ownership of gold, without disclosure of personal holdings to the government for possible confiscation, would become illegal. Once again, the insiders were given plenty of notice, this time to rat-line their gold bullion safely to Europe and other offshore locations, thus freeing them from the disclosure requirements and possible confiscation. Once again, all the non-insiders were left holding the proverbial bag. Then FDR, in 1933, like a good Illuminist lapdog and fascist scum-bag, after bilking the public out of their gold by scaring them into redeeming it from the government at $20 per ounce under threat of confiscation and jail for non-compliance with the disclosure requirements, raised the redemption value of gold from $20 per ounce to $35 dollars per ounce, for a nice, tidy profit of 75% for all the fraudster insiders who sat afterwards like fat cats on their hoards of offshore gold while the rest of the country went into deep depression, complete with daily foreclosures, bank failures, soup kitchens and bread lines. What an evil, despicable group of human beings these insiders were, in ways that defy description.

And now they are at it again, as The Big Sting Two gets underway. The objective is to run the paper, dollar-denominated stock, bond and derivative markets up in the mother of all bear market rallies just before the elections in order to support traitorous, incumbent, Congressional scum, while simultaneously driving the commodities markets, and markets for other tangible, real assets, like real estate, down. Then comes the bailout and the rollover and reinvestment of the proceeds. Dark pools of liquidity, Project Turquoise and Baikal, have been set up so that all dollar-denominated paper assets can be dumped outside of public view, thereby avoiding the collapse of asset values as the elitists pour their sales proceeds into tangible, real assets. Both the bailout and the reinvestment of the proceeds from the bailout will happen as gradually as they can manage, because they want to avoid public scrutiny and get the best possible prices when selling paper assets and buying real assets. Meanwhile, false economic statistics from our government, fabulous fables from the Fed and endless fane-stream media jaw-boning will be used to convince the public and non-insider institutional investors that everything is hunky-dory and a recovery is just around the corner, right up to the moment that the destruction of our economy is finally given voice by our government officials, financial shills and fane-stream media. Right after the insiders have bailed and reinvested as stated previously comes the reality of thermonuclear, financial destruction. The dollar gives up the ghost. Up rocket gold, silver, oil and other commodities along with various other real assets as everyone runs for the door to dump their paper assets and tries desperately to reinvest the proceeds in real assets just as the insiders had done previously without them knowing. Next come the bankruptcies, foreclosures and liquidations. And who is there to scarf up all the fire sales at pennies on the dollar? That’s right, the evil, insider fiends whose real, tangible assets have skyrocketed after they just got the best possible deal on what is now worthless, dollar-denominated, paper "assets" from the public and non-insider, institutional sucker-dupes.

But the implementation of The Big Sting Two has become very problematic for the Illuminist scum-dogs. These reprobates have destroyed the bond and derivative markets via real estate fraud committed to hide the damage from the bursting of the dot.com Ponzi-scheme bubble. This whole fiendish mess is nothing but fraud heaped upon fraud. These markets were their financial power base, and are now a total shambles. The Illuminist financial institutions have become the "living dead" in a dying nation with a "zombie economy" that is undergoing its last reanimation. So far, they have only acknowledged a half a trillion in losses from subprime derivatives, with many, many trillions left to go on Alt-A, Option ARM’s, Prime Jumbo and Prime Non-Jumbo loans. Who will buy all this toxic waste when they go to dump it? How will they get a high enough price to keep major banks, investment banks and brokerage houses from going under? The proceeds from their good investments will be vaporized by the losses from their toxic waste, so what will they have left to invest in tangible, real assets? How much of these losses can the broke, debt-laden, defaulting public bail out before everything collapses? Where will the money come from? How will our citizens be able to afford higher taxes when a third of them are unemployed? How much paper fiat money can the Fed print before hyperinflation and the ensuing deflationary depression cause civil unrest and the trials and recriminations start as the public seeks out the Illuminist perpetrators of these heinous crimes?

Then we have the credit-crunch. It is worse than ever. A half-trillion of Fed largesse created from thin air has done nothing to restore confidence in a collapsed system run with a mantra of rampant, rampaging, blatant fraud and deceit that has wiped out the major players in our financial system. The resulting de-leveraging to shore up balance sheets that have been destroyed by toxic waste and by geometrically increasing rates of default on loans across the board has put oppressive downward pressure on the stock, bond and derivative markets that even the PPT can no longer support, much less run up to new heights. How can you run up a stock market when every incremental increase in value is seen as an opportunity to sell and avoid a meeting with a bankruptcy trustee and a loss of your job and salary? How can you run up a bond market when wildly increasing risk and inflation, with their much higher attendant rates of interest, perhaps even in double digits, are on the horizon? How can you run up derivative markets as Fannie and Freddie get ready to take the final plunge into nationalized oblivion while the real estate market faces hundreds of billions in mortgages with rate resets due, many of them underwater, with inventory and foreclosure rates that are growing with no end in sight, while a quadrillion dollar death-star of credit default and interest rate swaps gets ready to blow and collapse into a financial black hole?

The fractional reserve multiplier is now inoperative because no one wants to lend money. Every potential loan client is a potential back-breaking loss down the road. The banks don’t trust one another, much less non-financial clients. All the money and credit provided by the Fed is being hoarded, and the ability of banks to improve their balance sheets with fractional reserve leverage is nil. Again, where will they get the excess profits necessary to buy tangible, real assets so they can complete The Big Sting Two? This fear of lending renders the Fed and the ECB irrelevant to help their floundering economies. They can marginally help the fraudsters with their investment spreads if rates are lowered. The raising of rates at this point would bring the system down and completely destroy The Big Sting Two operation, so you can bet that higher rates won’t come from the Fed until after The Big Sting Two is completed or aborted. In any case, higher rates will be imposed by the markets, and we mean soon. Other nations with large forex reserves and trade surpluses like China and Russia may have the money to invest in tangible, real assets, but where will the Illuminists in the US, Canada and Europe cough it up from? Our wonderful, stupendous, 160 billion dollar economic stimulus package has been absorbed and swallowed by our dying economy with little more than a hiccup to show for it. Our GDP is negative, we have unsustainable trade deficits, current account deficits, and an overall national debt that is about to double as the destruction and havoc wreaked upon us by the fraudsters gets unceremoniously dumped on the sheople-taxpayers. Our state and local governments are collapsing from decreased revenues as their bond markets for raising cash become frozen. Earnings are tanking from huge run-ups in wholesale costs due to commodity speculation, a weaker dollar and a broke and exhausted US consumer in debt up to his/her eyeballs. Where will corporate America, or even our government, find the money to invest in tangible, real assets under these woeful circumstances? Soon, Buck-Busting Ben will have to raise M3 to unheard of heights just to keep the system from collapsing as the financial system contracts at an ever-accelerating pace due to a self-imposed moratorium on lending and a collapsing real estate market and recessionary economy. We see a huge transfer of power to the dollar-rich nations and away from Illuminist interests as The Big Sting Two gets put on the Illuminists by the nations they intended to rip off with falsely-rated toxic waste and a collapsing dollar.

Next we have the phony dollar rally and the even phonier corrections in gold and silver, as well as other commodities, especially oil. What is causing this dollar rally? We’ll tell you what is causing it. First, you have the collapse of the dollar carry trade. This was a set-up by the Illuminati. They knew they were going to collapse the dollar over the past six to seven years from 121 to 71 on the USDX. They had to collapse the dollar to denude many competing foreign countries of the power they had gained through globalization, free trade, off-shoring, outsourcing, and legal and illegal immigration. They had to level the playing field so-to-speak. The dollar was kept on the stronger side for many years to maximize overseas buying power as numerous US transnational conglomerates spread their tentacles worldwide. But eventually, the dollar had to be brought down before the Illuminists were snowballed by their counterparts in foreign countries who had accumulated tremendous amounts of dollar forex and trade surpluses. Now, all those short sales of the dollar, which were once sure winners, are in trouble, and their is rampant short-covering right now as dollar flows decrease due to a worldwide recession and credit-crunch and these large short positions are no longer sustainable. Other currencies are being sold to buy dollars to cover eroding margin positions in dollar shorts caused by the sharp rise in the dollar initiated by central bank collusion, and that is increasing the dollar’s value while simultaneously decreasing the value of other currencies such as the pound sterling and the euro. This central bank collusion was initiated to suppress gold, silver, oil and other commodities, to maintain export competitiveness in the Euro Zone and to support the cause of US incumbents who were looking pretty foolish until recently as our dollar, the world’s reserve currency, collapsed before everyone’s eyes. A US recession is taking its toll on dollar flows as US consumers collapse from burdensome levels of debt and dollar flows are contracting rapidly from the financial system as the result of an ever-worsening, ever-accelerating credit-crunch even though Big Ben is printing money furiously. While increases in the supply of money decrease the value of the dollar, contractions in the money supply can increase its value. This also happened to the yen when the Japanese economy collapsed. And now there is a new flow of money to perceived quality and safety as World War IV looms in Georgia along the Russian border and in Poland, which has foolishly allowed NATO missile interceptors along the Russian border. NATO is being spanked by Russia, and there is little they can do about it as European oil and gas supplies come under total Russian dominance with the loss of all influence and control in Georgia, which will now become a puppet state of Russia. Also, the imminent collapse of Fannie and Freddie and looming bank failures of the gargantuan variety await their announcement on the Friday Night Follies, and money is flowing out of stocks again into treasuries and money markets. In addition, because oil has been manipulated down, the euro has dropped as the dollar has risen because OPEC petrodollars are converted mostly to euros and are spent in Europe. The dollar rally has decreased dollar profits from oil, so the purchase of euros with petrodollars has slowed considerably. Therefore, this dollar rally should not fill you with relief and confidence, it should fill you with ominous foreboding.

The other part of The Big Sting Two is to suppress precious metals directly, so they can be purchased cheaply by the Illuminists themselves for their own account. The dollar and oil manipulations have had an indirect impact, as has the yen, which has been kept strong against the euro to discourage carry trader investment in precious metals in the Euro Zone as the value of the euro erodes against the dollar and therefore also against gold and silver. But there are massive shortages in both gold and silver. The mint has suspended issuance of both Gold and Silver Eagles. Dealer inventories of gold and silver bullion and coins are greatly depleted and lengthy delays in delivery are common. Yet prices have plummeted. This goes against all free market principles known to man. How can they do this? Low or even negative lease rates for one. You can borrow gold and silver bullion for nothing or even get paid for taking it, and then use it to cover your shorts or sell it into the market to suppress prices. Only big banks get the privilege of borrowing for next-to-nothing, or even getting paid to borrow. Try getting your banker to do that for you. We believe that much of the ETF gold and silver has been leased out, and their shares have definitely been naked shorted. Then there is direct sales by central banks and the ETF’s, which incidentally are controlled by large banks and investment banks. Also, huge short positions in futures markets have a suppressive effect, and the specs are humiliated constantly by the commercials who illegally know where all their sell stops are, and regularly start a cascade of black box selling whenever they want to spank them. Suspension of sales of gold and silver by the US Mint, which are both totally illegal, has been another factor suppressing demand, because the government is not being forced to go into the open market to buy precious metals in support of their mandates. Also, the failure to demand physical delivery by making cash purchases of COMEX gold and silver contracts for ultimate physical delivery has allowed the commercials to continue to dominate the casinos. We have continually begged the specs to empty the COMEX cupboards and change the ownership of the casino, but to no avail. And despite all this illegal manipulation of prices and illegal concentration of short positions among a very few players, we can expect total inaction, and/or even collusive suppression, from the SEC, the CFTC, the COMEX, the courts, the other regulators and our government. These markets are have become totally unregulated free-for-alls for the Illuminati and their gold cartel. This is a disgrace of the highest order, and we predict that many heads are going to roll when the trials and recriminations get underway at the behest of a livid US public. Nevertheless, these imbalances cannot stay in place for very long, and soon outside forces will overwhelm all these collusive manipulations and precious metals are going to shoot up like they were shot out of a howitzer in hyperbolic fashion.

The way to defeat the Illuminists and their plans for The Big Sting Two is to simply sell any and all dollar-denominated, paper assets such as stocks, bonds and derivatives. All interests in gold and silver ETF’s and in mint certificates should be gradually liquidated with the proceeds used to purchase gold and silver bullion, coins and their related resource stocks. Small investors should keep pressure on the dealers and the mints, while the big boys should buy silver and gold futures contracts on the COMEX for cash and for actual physical delivery at the end of the contract until the COMEX gold and silver cupboard has been completely emptied. Then the cartel’s lack of bullion will be laid bare, and their domination of the casino-like futures markets will be terminated. After that, it is up, up and away for gold and silver. Meanwhile, a big bank failure, the nationalization of Fannie and Freddie or the breakout of World War IV could occur, and that will take care of the suppression problem in very short order. Wait until the Olympics are over and China joins in on the action. Wait until all those foreign GSE bondholders start to smell big losses emanating from their Fannie and Freddie securities holdings and start exchanging them for gold, silver and other commodities while shunning treasuries and corporate bonds. Something very bad is about to happen. We can just feel it coming. A war is the usual remedy for economic disaster, both to direct attention away from such problems, to feed the military-industrial complex as a kick-start to the economy. Our economy is quickly unraveling, and it will be a miracle if they can hold it together through the November elections. Meanwhile, you have been given the bargains of a lifetime in gold, silver and their related shares. The blue light sales are on, and we suggest you take full advantage of them.

Last week we may have seen the beginning of WWIII. Russian peacekeepers were in Georgia and the Russian military brought a stinging defeat to the Georgian military, American and Israeli mercenaries and American forces all of who participated in the murder of 2,000 or more civilians. The US commanded forces used cluster bombs on the civilians.

Russia has emerged the winner in this war for oil and gas. The struggle is over; access to the Caspian’s 35 billion barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas and the geopolitical isolation of Russia. Our Secretary of State has told Russia it must leave Georgia. US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent. We might ask if the US presence can become permanent, why doesn’t Russian presence become permanent as well? The American military has been leading, training and equipping the Georgian soldiers. Americans say they are now switching to a full time program, as a security guarantee.

The invasion by Georgia into UN mandated territory under a Russian peacekeeping mission has triggered an outpouring of the most nauseating hypocrisy from western politicians and their captive, controlled media. There was the charge of Russian aggression, which was not the case at all. This is what our controlled media would have you believe. This was a case of American expansionism, a product of America’s drive to stretch its imperial oil empire. VP Cheney and PM Brown would have us believe it was Russian aggression and it is nothing of the kind. This is the same false pretense and lies that were used to invade the sovereign state of Iraq and bring the lives lost in the war and occupation to well over 1 million people, never mind those maimed for life. This is the same demented thinking that saw Israel pulverize Lebanon’s infrastructure and murder more than a thousand civilians, and followed up that action by spreading cluster bombs all over one section of the country deliberately to kill civilians. Again it was the intention of US and Israeli commands to kill as many civilians as possible; like throwing grenades into basements and homes known to be a hiding place for women and children. What evil barbarians.


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