Rebellion of the Intelligent: Jeff Rense and the Internet


By Jay Weidner

Why are the MSM and the people who run this place so afraid of Jeff Rense?  How can one guy running a single web site be such a threat to the most powerful forces on the planet?

The answer goes beyond the excellent journalistic skills he brings to the site.  It goes beyond the incredible daily revelations that he somehow manages to present in a coherent and understandable fashion.

What Jeff Rense and his site have achieved is more easily understood by a close study of a political movement that is only becoming apparent now.  It is a completely new trend that this planet has never witnessed before.  Before it is through this emerging movement will have kicked the legs out from under our failed society.  As you will see this force cannot be stopped.

Before the advent of the Internet people were divided along the lines of race, creed, class, color, religion, sex and location.  This made it easy for politicians to carve us up by playing one side against another.  This made it easy for the Controllers to manipulate us.

But in the last few years this model of demographics has not only been completely undermined, it has nearly been destroyed.  The weapons that decimated this old view of how we think and live are the Internet and more specifically sites like

The way that the Internet has changed the game can give one a glimpse into the newly emerging ‘McCluhanesque’ reality that is going to soon overwhelm our politics, our lives and our future.

On the Internet the old paradigm of demographic reality no longer divide us.  Instead of divisions based on old models like race, ethnicity, religion or the neighborhood where you lived, the Internet is divided by just two streams: Interests and Intellect.

No one knows who you are on the web.  It doesn’t give a damn about your race, creed, color, whatever, unless those subjects are your interests.  The archaic and arbitrary borders, like race, creed and color that used to separate us are being replaced by new and much more profound alliances.

These new alliances will be the catalyst for a revolution that will sweep the world. And this is where Jeff Rense comes in.  What Jeff has done is that he has created a web site that is so smart, so ballsy and so informative that there is a massive re-education happening underneath the surface.

The ones being re-educated are the smartest and the most intelligent of us.  That is why the next revolution will be a rebellion of the intelligent.

Smart people are also busy people.  They don’t have time to riffle through hundreds of web sites everyday looking for the news that they desire.  Jeff Rense has solved this dilemma and created a one stop-shopping zone for the most intelligent of the population.  They don’t agree with everything on the site but they do appreciate the spectrum of revealing stories and information that he provides.

If this goes on – and it will – there will be a revolution.  Hopefully it will not be a violent revolution, but it is coming never the less.

And this rebellion will be by the smartest people on the planet.  The rebellion of the intelligent will not be found in Gallup polls; there will be little mention of this phenomenon in the media.  In fact there is almost no one who actually understands the cultural change that is occurring right in front of us.

Smart people in the United States and the world are waking up to what is really going on.  And they are not happy about it.  Beginning with 9-11 the smartest people found that all of their suspicions were true.  It is that realization which will be the catalyst for this forthcoming change.

And so this is why the Controllers are afraid of Jeff Rense.  This is why they attack his site and call him names. He is the consummate journalist in the tradition of the great muckrakers through out the history of our country.

The difference between those great journalists and Jeff Rense is the Internet.  Now we can all read and understand what is happening instantaneously.

There is another time in history where something of this magnitude occurred.  The last time that a reformation took place that even approaches the one that is happening now began in 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press.  Naturally, being a good Christian, the first thing that Gutenberg published was the Bible.

But soon word got out and there were other printing presses.  The De Medici family began printing other items of interest than just the Good Book.  One of these volumes being the Corpus Hermeticum, which was ancient sacred and alchemical texts, translated from the Greek and Arabic.

The real results of Gutenberg’s invention were two-fold.

The first had to do with the mass printing of the Bible.  This single act undercut the Church’s established authority and for the first time in Christian, European history anyone could read the Bible.

The printing press is what gave rise to Martin Luther and the entire Protestant rebellion.

The second result of the printing press was the publishing of the Corpus Heremticum. These ancient alchemical and hermetic texts fueled the Neo-Platonic revolution that later became the European Renaissance.

Gutenberg had no idea that his invention would shake the very foundations of European society.

But it did.

In the 1950’s John Von Neumann and his friends invented the first computer.  This was the ENIAC and it was huge and used tremendous amounts of electricity.  By 1965 IBM had created the first business computers and by the late 1970Õs the personal computer was born.

The Pentagon invented the first Internet for military purposes.  Like Gutenberg’s printing the Bible, the military’s initial use of the Internet was evidence of who was in power at the time of the invention.

The Internet will undermine everything around us just as surely as Gutenberg’s printing press did.

The Internet is Gutenberg’s printing press multiplied by a few million.

The mass realization of what we have done to ourselves will shake the old structures that have held us together.  Already they have developed fissures and their collapse is imminent.  Each day brings us closer to the moment when enough intelligent people actually figure out exactly what is going on and do something about it.

At this moment it is difficult to say what will happen and when.  The kettle had been boiling for a long time and it appears as if the lid is going to fly off at any moment.

But make no mistake.  The Smart revolution is coming.  It is only a matter of time now.

And this will not be a socialist revolution, or a rebellion of the workers.

This will not be a war between classes or races.

This will be a rebellion of the intelligent.

And that is why the Controllers are so afraid of Jeff Rense.  They know that they cannot put the genie back in the bottle.  They know that they cannot afford to make Jeff Rense a martyr.

They know that he has shown the way towards a larger truth that can no longer be denied.  They know that his bravery is a beacon of light to all of us.

The next stage is up to us.


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