Well Here it Comes, Da dum da dum dum, Here Comes the Night


Les Visible
Smoking Mirrors
Tue, 16 Sep 2008 13:36 EDT

Yes… here it comes people. It’s a big, awkward, ungainly beast and it is collapsing through the wreckage of a large infrastructure so it may be a little while yet before it hits the ground, pulverizing the infrastructure beneath it. The greed goblins and psychopaths all have (treasure of) Sierra Madre Fever so they are only concerned with grabbing as much loot as possible before the beast crushes everything beneath it. However, like monkeys trying to steal avocados or mangos out of a clay vase, they’re not going to let go of the fruit. They just can’t… even if it means their life. More power to them in that endeavor.

You’ve been warned. You’ve been warned by the real truth sites like The Truthseeker as well as What Really Happened and The Signs of the Times and The People’s Voice has warned you and so have the handful of other truthful sites. I’ve warned you and others have warned you but… you can’t hear and you won’t listen and those who will not listen must feel.

I’ve known these days were coming for years. Ten years ago I left the U.S. because I knew. Why you can’t see it is a mystery to me. The blinders of self-interest are amazing. They filter everything but the sleazy focus of the one obsessed. A few years ago I knew it was getting close so we bought a small house in a very rural farming area, far away in an undisclosed location that does not have Dick Cheney in it. Now you can see it advancing through your windshield and in your rear view mirror you can see the world you knew vanishing in the distance behind.

You are fools. You are petty, corrupt fools. You’re going to get an asswhupping the like of which your limited imagination cannot comprehend. Even now, you could change your ways and admit your ignorance and embrace the truth but you would rather live in a world of crass convenience, bad magic and the carrot and stick illusions that have driven you into the wasteland. You are going to become object lessons on how not to be.

Was it because of the possibility of a piece of the action? Was it because you are amoral? Was it because you are abysmally ignorant and proud of it? Was it because your appetites overwhelmed your higher nature? I imagine some applies here and some applies there and that there are other reasons as well. It doesn’t matter how you came to step into the bear trap ‘after’ you have stepped into the bear trap. Hindsight is of no use in this case… unless you get a second chance. This is your second chance.

Perhaps I am writing this simply because I am compelled to write. I’ve never had much choice about that. Maybe it’s just me playing solitaire with words.

What you are looking at now is not ‘the’ bad shit. This is the movie trailer… or perhaps it’s the early part of the movie. The bad sections are still on the way and you will find yourself surprised beyond reckoning at just how fast it can come upon you. It’s sort of like trying to outrun a tsunami. The best way to outrun a tsunami is to head for the hills as soon as you see the ocean recede.

I’ll admit to a lot of satisfaction at Wall Street’s dilemma. Years ago I and others told you it was going to happen. I’m not in any way an economist but even I knew that the ‘devil may care’ cavalier, sub-prime, home loan scam was a big mistake. But… that’s just a portion of the whole. What you have here is a classic, “knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, thigh bones connected to the hip bone” situation and so on and so forth.

You don’t want to hear it. “It’s just market forces adjusting.” It’s not just market forces, although you could say they were adjusting; the same way that the elements in the toilet bowl adjusts to the force of the water. It’s the naked aggression for gain as well. And make no mistake… the vicious reptiles that have waged these wars in your name are not done yet. They just can’t help themselves and so… there’s going to be a lot more than market forces to worry about; not that worry ever helped anyone.

Everything’s connected. So… when the system in use has become nothing more than a vampire siphon machine for the few in control of it… it’s toast. Others can tell you why this is. I’m not here to analyze the components behind your doom. I’m just here to tell you it’s on the way and that you had better make some adjustments, pronto.

It’s too much to expect that you the people will drag these malefactors from their privileged beds and wreak havoc upon them. For some reason you think it safer to be their canon fodder and blood supply. Far be it from me to make your mind up for you.

Warning signs exist for a reason. They are there to inform you of hazards on the road. Giving me the finger as you drive by does not negate the existence of these hazards. There’s a reason for turn signals and speed limits. There’s a reason for being prudent when necessary. You’ll note how so many have done away with the practice of basic survival skills the way they did away with courtesy and manners. In fact… those who practice prudence and basic survival skills have become an annoyance and an obstacle on the highway to those who don’t.

How bad is it going to get? We’ll see …won’t we?

Many of you assisted in helping to elect one of the most cowardly and base criminal weasels that have ever come down the pike into the presidency. He didn’t actually win, so blatant voter fraud compensated for the margin of loss. You did this twice while the world turned into a paranoid, flaming dumpster. You tossed your communities existence into the dumpster and then danced around it like it was some kind of bonfire at a Summer Solstice. You’re going to get a collective spanking. Indeed you are, because the poison beneath has found it’s way to the surface skin and is bursting forth like runaway teenage acne only this isn’t acne and there’s no Clearasil for it.

Your Boy Chimp Emperor is coming to the end of his term. Various forces all compelled by the same dark confusions are wrestling in the shadows for possession of the ring. A small violent country from far away is wreaking mayhem with everything it touches. It’s daily, casual murders and outright genocide is nothing to you. With help from their friends on the inside they attacked your largest city and military institution. They’ve got a much bigger surprise in store. Do you really think if they did it once they won’t do it again; given that the truth is surfacing all over the world? You are living proof that those who do not learn from- or even know or care what happened in- the past are doomed to repeat it.

Lately I’ve been saying the same thing in different ways. You might wonder why that is but you won’t have to wonder for too long now. There isn’t anything else to say at the moment. If you think a new president is going to make any difference then you are a fool. Both of the candidates are under the thumb of life’s ancient enemy and any departure from the status quo on their part includes a bullet to the head. If you want to see how promised change comes about, look at what happened after the 2006 elections.

But their hour has come too, just like yours has. The bankers and politicians are also going down, quite some distance further down than you may find yourself. Every now and then it’s time to clean the landscape and freshen the air with an absence of those things which have stunk up the joint for far too long. I can’t say it’s going to give me any real personal pleasure to see it but I will surely be glad to see them gone.


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