By Ivor Hughes


A radical monopoly feeds upon itself. Iatrogenic Medicine reinforces a morbid society in which the social control of the population by the medical system turns into a principle economic activity; it serves to legitimise social arrangements into which many people do not fit.

Ivan Illich
‘Medical Nemesis’.
Pantheon 1976

Some years ago whilst queuing for the mandated medical inspection at a home for homeless men I had cause to reflect upon the nature of a system of control, to which the poor and downtrodden of every nation are subject. To be poor means to be stripped of any vestige of human dignity and used as a pawn in whatever game the dispensers of charity are playing. Some do it in the name of God and some in the name of Beelzebub or Mammon and Government. I wonder how many of those people reflect, that without those unfortunates, from off whose back they eat their daily bread… that without the poor they must also join the breadline queue.

I have used the term Zionism because Western Orthodox Medicine closely mirrors the political system of Zionist control of the media and the ruthless control of whole nations. Like the political Zionists, the Mandarins of Medicine mercilessly flog, smear, denigrate then strip the dissenters of their livelihood and with alarming regularity engage in book burning. They control the medical press and ensure conformity.

Weighed, measured and with trousers around my ankles, I stood before her as she bent forward and gingerly lifted my penis with a spatula and examined it for lesions, ulcers, scabs and discharge. And with the same spatula stirred my pubic hair for signs of pediculosis, satisfied, she straightened up and attached me to the manometer and pumped the cuff on my upper arm full of air… Hmm, she said, “your blood pressure is considerably over what we allow, you will need to be put on medication … oh, and you can pull up your trousers now”.

What sort of medication do you have in mind, I asked sarcastically… “Oh your blood pressure is too high, we will soon have that under control”… to which… I used the term ‘blood pressure’ as an expletive… Why are you so angry she asked…? I told her why I was so angry… shortly afterwards I was called to the Superintendents office and told to leave.

As I trudged those cold early morning city streets I had much cause for thought… the medical rituals such as the taking of blood pressure or checking sugar levels and the figures obtained are not a constant forever etched on the sky. Blood pressure rises and falls throughout a 24 hour period and for a myriad different causes… the approach of a loved one, or anger… perhaps I should have just rode the system and tossed the legal killer pills into a fire… at least I would have had a warm bed and a breakfast .. Being smart… is what we working class call it… but for the life of me I could not embrace that line of thinking… Throughout that long night I was the attention of passing patrol cars… the first time the police stopped, it was a bully boy grilling with the demand for papers… Thereafter the police just slowed to a crawl and followed me up the street… in the military, and when subduing the irate peasantry… we used that type of tactic, we called it ‘putting the frighteners on’.


Modern orthodox medicine is a mirror image of the political system from which it feeds Capitalist or Socialist e.g. the USA and Britain. Both systems tap the same political artery… it is the people who are subjects of either system who must pay, either directly or indirectly to support the medical system. It does not escape ones attention that the servants of Asklepios in both economic medical systems, agree in principle as to the rules of the game. They live very well from the proceeds once the student loan is paid off. But it is our backs that these people sup from.

Neither system appears to have much of a problem leveraging money from the people via insurance companies or the taxman on the basis of an annual cost of living rise, whilst in the meantime the junior staff from janitor to intern have to strike either for better pay or for a reduction in the relentless hours that are forced upon them by the glass bead abacus that lies at the apex of these little pyramids of power, who also have links to larger pyramids.. Even to the kings chambers… where the abacus beads are of semi precious stones which in their clacking spit out numbers… numbers that rule us all… and in the process the orthodox medical consumers are economically recycled via the assembly line medicine.


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A system of medicine that has abandoned its ethics .. Its very core, any compassion has long since evaporated… so often the difference between life and death is an economic medical decision… the grotesque organ transplantation technology has grown into a fully fledged black market for human organs, and I cannot help wondering how many lives are terminated ahead of time so that steaming fresh organs can be harvested either for the trade or as medical trophies in glass jars to be paraded before new intakes of medical students. Just pieces of meat that once were human.

The suicide pills euphemistically called anti-depressants… the cancer causing birth control pills, the mountains of female cancerous breasts… the mountains of discarded wombs… which have long since outstripped the obligatory appendectomies in numbers of excisions performed… I wonder how do the medical authorities recycle these pieces of meat?

The scourge of meta amphetamine (‘P’), the crack, the cocaine the heroin and all the other drugs of addiction are all medical constructs from this grotesque system, which probes the very fabric of life. We are daily fed a diet of the dubious success stories but nothing is said about the line of hearses at the back door of the hospitals in the small hours of the morning.

Carefully spaced press releases that appear to give a glimmer of hope for the terminally afflicted, are a regular feature in both America and Britain. Daily we are fed juicy tidbits.

The fight against cancer is yielding results; we are now able to offer a 5 year survival rate, a spokesperson said. Heart and Lung transplant patient passed away, a hospital spokesperson said ‘it was a natural death’.

Young mum from Camberwell gives birth to 5 kids. A hospital spokesperson said that Daisy was sleeping off the effects of the drugs she was given.

Deadly super bug ravaging our hospitals. A Home Office spokesperson said, but added that the public have no cause for alarm. We have the situation under control, the spokesperson said. The whole seeming normal impression is just a mask that hides another kind of agenda.

The current western orthodox medical system is an assembly line where standard patients are given standard and economically directed treatments which in themselves are a great hazard for the many who have had to cope with the side effects.

Reality is… that the Cancer Quacks sometimes called Oncologists have the right to take your child off you… they take you to court and have the court make your child a ward of court .. The Justice system turns the child over to the medical monsters who cut and burn and smash beyond repair the child’s immune system with the toxic chemicals and then send them home to die… To assault a child’s already compromised immune system with the lethal treatment is a callous insanity, the authorities try hard to suppress such reports, but are always quick to report the survivors as some kind of success story… many of the monsters who perform these medieval torture routines have stated categorically that they themselves would be unwilling to undergo the treatment.. Perhaps they know something that the rest of us are not privy to.

How many people who have tried to pursue a medical malpractice matter, have found that their medical documents have mysteriously disappeared or that there was a fire which destroyed them… or even hopefully pursued the matter via Government appointed watchdogs like the Ombudsman system… to find out too late that these organizations are the interior decorators for this murderous cabal and whose major funding comes from some very doubtful quarters. Conflicts of Interest -R- Us.

At regular intervals another scientifically created disease is released in the slums and ghettos of the world… via dripping needles and poison pills as they experiment on a destitute and hapless peoples… more money to fight this disease, and more money to fight that disease. Cancer societies and the ever burgeoning affliction societies… people really should examine where much of the funding is coming from… it does not all come from the relatives of an afflicted person… the bulk of such funds received go to support the societies and the Pharmageddon propaganda. Not to compensating the victims.

Any shortfall in funds after the public begging day ritual has been performed, is provided by a benevolent pharmaceutical company… not with altruistic motives… after all, the malady funded, was probably caused by the drugs prescribed or at the very least, by a nice little line of experimental drugs of very doubtful provenance .. The well documented rigged clinical trials and withheld information and horrific side effects and long drawn out legal battles, or out of court settlements only serves to highlight this Criminal activity. In terms of our usury economics system this kind of behavior makes perfect business sense, a captive medical market is very good for the shareholders who have no conscience above their bank balance.

If you happen to be one of the milch humans that frequent the Temples (Pharmacies) of Pharmageddon then I feel truly distraught for your predicament as captives of this monstrous system… because I know that they rule you by fear and dissonance… some of the elderly are on 10 different medications in a 12 hour period. What an imposition on a frail body.

The public are expected to believe that the Pharmacist sits down with the drugs and balance half lives and interactions and dose. Only research and hospital pharmacists do that for experimental purposes in the inner sanctum… those who front the Temple Gate, usually follows the Doctors Rx unless it is so obviously skewed they do not question. They always have the Doctors standard dosage in stock because they are drug pushers of Pharmageddon, they have a one size fits all system to which the medical establishment is subservient.

We all know who the pharmaceutical companies are, and also their links to the earth poisons and atmosphere poisons… even into the king’s chamber. I think Karen Silkwood died in vain in spite of the screaming questions that emanated from her death. The people chose employment over lethal contamination… this is understandable for they are probably in debt to the system, with no way out except in. This is not a choice… it is a heads I win and tails you lose situation… coercion that purposely uses cognitive dissonance as a tool. A mind rape! These are also the tools of Political Zionism.

The medical establishment, the pharmacists, doctors, specialists, surgeons and psychiatrists along with medical academia are subservient to the Pharmaceutical Junta. The Merc Manual. Text books on pharmacognosy are crammed full of the weird shaped chemical heads. Strange tails, and misshapen arms of molecules unknown in nature… a gigantic experiment upon the peoples… welcome to the world of ‘Synthesis’ … medical science still has to borrow from nature for the template and in the taking have learnt nothing since Paracelsus and Culpeper.

The death toll of this control system may never be accurately known, however an excellent coverage of the available documents with a good analysis was published…

October 2003
Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND,
Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD,
Dorothy Smith PhD.

If you Google Death by Medicine that will pull up the study for you. Their dedicated work in this area is valuable evidence that all is not as it appears. And the figures revealed are sure to be just the tip of that proverbial iceberg. Because it takes a brave person to jeopardize a career that was so hard won… “Sir I did not mean to kill them … it was human error”. The system is always on the prowl for sacrificial lambs… someone that the mob can stone to relieve the angst… whilst at the same time the system appears white and clean in their feigned moral outrage at this rank betrayal of a sacred trust… this is coercion… by its methods it seeks to conceal the facts by a defacto blackmail. Blackmail is a criminal offence.

Then we have this pernicious practice of vaccination whereby filth is pumped into a baby’s body based on Pasteur’s Germ Theory… A theory which has long since been discredited. The statistics that they publish as their proof of efficacy are nothing more than massaged frauds that may be added to the rest of the fraudulent clinical trials which are being uncovered almost daily and certainly by the week.

The methods of analyzing the data obtained are woefully inadequate, the confidence that is placed in mathematical formulae that at the best can only handle a mere handful of variables against the complexity of each individual human frame is sadly misplaced .. Once again we are being ruled by numbers that have not the slightest relevance, except as tools for the propaganda with which they dazzle blinded eyes. The calls for justice by the parents of vaccine damaged children are ignored as they routinely follow the prevailing dogma and invariably produce the ultimate whitewash by the use of the sacred mantra… ‘There is no scientific evidence’… Do these people really believe that they sit on the right hand of God?

The evidence is in the afflicted… the unheard millions who they ignore as though they did not exist, and daily they consign hundreds of thousands of children to a life of ill health by the use of this sacrificial ritual… I have never understood how one unvaccinated child could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of vaccinated children… because if this particular piece of junk dissonance is correct then the whole explanation for this nasty practice is collapsed and exposed for what it is.

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality”.

–Albert Einstein

I thoroughly sympathize with those parents who grapple with the cognitive dissonance and fear for their Childs life… of what might happen if they don’t… I have looked at innumerable photographs of children screaming blue murder at this overwhelming assault on an unformed immune system… and to this unmistakable display of outraged betrayal; I bow my head to the wisdom of a child. The medical on costs for the vaccinated must be substantial because it is the medically compromised children that are shoveled into the synthetics system broiler house… rear them like young chicks surround them with the system… saddle them with health problems or saddle them with debt at the start of their productive lives in order to support a student loan .. People are badly abused even as they support the system that is sucking off them.

There are many who toil as part of this system… some of whom have blown a whistle and were quickly ruined and disposed of… they are the example dead bodies thrown onto the floors of academia and medicine .. The horses head of the Mafia and the mark of Zionism.

The survivors of this system need a strong instinct of self preservation to override the initial moral outrage felt, because a large mortgage and perhaps a family are powerful incentives, but some of them planned a withdrawal route out of the system into a more public spirited endeavor with larger horizons. Welcome to the ranks of Health Freedom.

I would also say that there are many orthodox physicians who obey authority and not their patients needs, as they feed the numbers into the system, they are the ones that succumbed to the intense indoctrination process that is given the name of higher education… whereas the reality is… that the cramming of the brain and the nervous exhaustion leaves no room for penetrating questions, just obedience in the breathless scramble to catch the hare. Such crude techniques of indoctrination have been practiced for centuries by every society in the west. That is not education; it is mental rape for the purpose of conformity to a brand of dogma. The cry of Scientific and Academic freedom never speaks of the responsibility such freedom entails… and hardly ever is that responsibility acknowledged… and it is far from freedom for the exploited as they are coerced by laws that were enacted for precisely that exploitive purpose.

The square peg of youthful idealism… find a cure for cancer… save an African village… or take the handle off a water pump and bring to the end a scourge of cholera .. Well let me tell you, the system soon knocks that type of nonsense out of those youthful heads, because from day one, a relentless stump grinder is set in motion, whilst the lecturers hammer home steel wedges of dogma… if Daddy is not rich, first comes the borrowing to find the impost. Oh and one must eat and care for oneself… and of course pay for all of those extra books required, that one was not informed about.

So one hides off to hamburger flipping/serving job or washing dishes… Work is the answer to the economic squeeze… whilst others relax, you work in time that should have been devoted to study whilst you still had a freshness… back to the campus at 10.30 or even later and wearily drag out ones assignment work and finally the grateful blessed sleep taken in the small hours .. And it all happens again and again and again.

This is usually the students first brush with economic matters of such gravity as wondering where was the next meal coming from… I warrant that necessity will always override a stated curriculum… The economics of being a doctor 101. For many of these medical students, economics 101 is a plague for them throughout the degree course which they are following, this is hardly conducive to becoming a top flight candidate for the ladder complete with a centuries worth of old boy networks .. because if one does not have a foot on that ladder, then one must be an exceptional person to escape from the mediocrity to which one has been assigned .. When the candidates are streamed.

As any student knows it does not pay to ask smart questions… like those questions that point out that there is a brick missing from this carefully constructed academic wall of knowledge… it is instant suicide to question a lecturer whose name is widely known… beware of the Academic Expert.

The students are under potential lockdown conditions at the hatcheries… which are swiftly imposed in the event of any protest, which gives lie to what is that these imposters claim, and their methods of enforcement by the use of thuggish mercenaries with short fuses is the evidence… and neither have we forgotten the massacre at Kent State which was flashed around the world, just another rusty nail in the coffin of freedom and justice.

The graduate Medical Cowards that call themselves Doctors have abandoned any pretence of the Hippocratic Oath… one of the provisions is the pledge to ‘First Do No Harm’.

It has surely not escaped the attention of these brilliant minds that their Materia Medica is totally flawed, extremely dangerous and compromised with lies and whitewash… the medical journals are the coffee shops and smart eating places of academic snobbery, which is usually of the ‘We know best genre’ as the moral morons discuss in arcane language the merits of this or that killer pill and whether the risks outweigh the benefits.. How dare they decide for those whose risk or benefit it is.

They know what they are doing, that is why they have come up with the concept of
’Informed Consent’… this throws the onus of medical harm onto the long suffering patients and thus escape the consequences of their wrong doing. It should not be necessary for me to point out that these Doctors spent many years learning the chemical and medical language and yet expect a patient to be an instant expert, as in ‘informed consent’… What despicable people they are… there is no hypocrite like the Hippocratic hypocrite.

Neither system will give a nod or a wink to dissenters and the underlings always look discretely away as the Junta stones another dissenter… ruining the victims reputation which effectively leaves them without a livelihood in their chosen field .. This nasty and vicious behavior should be denounced for what it is… Academic Zionism at work, and it is occurring with increasing regularity whilst the monsters continue to tighten the grip around our collective throats. Zionism in whatever form it appears is a medieval negation of justice and the right… we do not have to sacrifice more children or shed anymore blood and tears… all we need to do is to stop giving them our patronage… there are far superior systems of health care available and at a fraction of the cost.

The Queen of England makes use of Homeopathy. She has no use for the medical smear and propaganda… she gets the best medical advice that money and privilege can buy.


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