By Pepe Escobar WASHINGTON and SAO PAULO – The George W Bush administration’s US$700 billion no-accountability scheme, globally, informally dubbed “cash for trash”, is making all the headlines. Simultaneously, there’s the small matter of the United Nations General Assembly sanctioning the troubled birth of a new, multipolar world. As […]

Grasping at Straws By Mike Whitney Published on The Smirking Chimp ( Created Sep 21 2008 – 8:35am On Friday morning, Senator Christopher Dodd, the head of the Senate Banking Committee, was interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Dodd revealed that just hours earlier at an emergency meeting convened by […]

What Did Bush&Co Know And When Did They Know It? by Steve Brant Economic Shock and Awe", as Arianna put it , indeed. In another parallel to the planning of the Iraq War, there is this curious answer given by Deputy White House Press Secretary Fratto at the end of […]


According to Representative Mike Burgess (R-TX) Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has declared Martial Law upon the House of Representatives, throwing duly elected republicans out of meetings concerning the Financial Crisis Bailout Bill!!!!!! Watch for yourselves below: [youtube]l7B4laX1E70[/youtube]

By Rand Clifford September, 2008, a month that will live in infamy. A month where official purring about our economy’s solid fundamentals have erupted into official bayings about economic collapse. Financial markets are suddenly so choked with “toxic debt” that only a hasty trillion-dollar taxpayer Heimlich Maneuver “might” get […]


Financial Bailout: America’s Own Kleptocracy The largest transformation of America’s Financial System since the Great Depression by Michael Hudson Nobody expected industrial capitalism to end up like this. Nobody even saw it evolving in this direction. I’m afraid this failing is not unusual among futurists: The natural tendency is to […] By Matt Taibbi The scariest thing about John McCain’s running mate isn’t how unqualified she is — it’s what her candidacy says about America. I’m standing outside the XCEL ENERGY CENTER in St. Paul Minnesota Sarah Palin has just finished her speech to the Republican National Convention, accepting the […] By FISNIK ABRASHI 25/09/08 " Associated Press " — P akistani troops fired at American reconnaissance helicopters patrolling the Afghan-Pakistan border Thursday, heightening tensions as the U.S. steps up cross-border operations in a region known as a haven for Taliban and al-Qaida militants. Pakistan’s president said only "flares" were […]

Has Sarah Palin Been Picked as the Titular Head of the Coming Police State? By Naomi Wolf , Huffington Post . Palin will help to establish a true and irreversible ‘fear society’ in this once free once proud nation Please understand what you are looking at when you look at […]