Why voting in the US elections is A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME …



The United States likes to portray itself as the bastion of freedom and champion of democracy, but if this were really true then there would be at least 6 or 8 different parties to choose from at election time, and given that it is now a country of over 300 million people a choice of at least 10 different parties would be more appropriate, but instead there are just two. Why is this? The reason comes down to the “concentration of power” issue that we addressed in an earlier article with respect to corporate American and the systematic disenfranchisement of its population. The reality is that the two remaining political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties are in fact one, and the only reason that the ultimate step is never taken and the parties merged is that with one party to vote for and an election being completely superfluous, even Joe Sixpack would realize that he is living in a dictatership. So the 2 remaining parties continue to dumbbell around each other for ever, maintaining the thinnest facade of democracy, and controlling the country for their elitist masters via their duopoly of power.
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