It has got to be said and I am going to say it as simply and clearly as I can. I’m not going to put a lot of links up. If you want information then just go to the sidebar and click on one of the news sites. There’s plenty in our alternative news about it… most especially at in the last few days.

What I am going to say, I am going to say because it needs to be said and I need to say it. What I am going to say is true. What you read in the mass media is a lie. All of the complex argument that is used to mask and justify the torment and genocide being practiced by Israel upon the Palestinians is for the purpose of confusion. I hope to dispel some of that confusion today. I may explain a few things but, for the most part, I’m just going to state them. It’s up to you to study and consider if what I say is true.

The first thing you need to look at is the shrinking map of Palestine. Take a good look. This is the motive for everything happening there. There are no other arguments that are not lies manufactured by the oppressors to justify their hegemony. This is the compelling argument. This is the damning prima facie evidence. This is what is.

You are told that Hamas is a terrorist organization. At the worst they are freedom fighters. They are also the legally elected representatives of the Palestinian people who were rounded up en mass, shortly after they were elected …and then thrown into Israeli prisons where many of them remain today; political leaders, academics, professionals in various fields. Why were they swept up and imprisoned? Right.

You are told that Israel has to take punitive measures. This is because Israel routinely invades Palestine and kills some number of people labeled as terrorists who also happen to include a large percentage of women and children too. Afterwards some toy rockets land in empty lots. Sometimes they explode and sometimes they don’t and then more Palestinians are killed. There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that Israel is behind these toy rocket attacks. History shows that no other nation in the world has more false flag attacks to their credit as does Israel. Even if there are actual Palestinians firing off these rockets, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. They are being occupied, thrown off their land, squeezed into ghettos, starved and denied medical attention and much more.

You have been told that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Hezbollah came about because of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon a few decades ago… give or take. A study of what Israel did in Lebanon at that time would prove informative. Recently Israel claimed that some of her soldiers were kidnapped out of Israel. They were captured while sneaking around on Lebanese soil. One might also consider the serendipity of Israeli forces grouped at the border and primed for assault PRIOR TO the alleged kidnapping. Israel wants Lebanon’s Litani River water. So Israel attacked Lebanon and killed a lot of women and children again, not forgetting to bomb a yogurt factory which had been threatening Israel’s yogurt interests and not forgetting to dump a million cluster bombs on the landscape AFTER peace had been declared.

Israeli black ops killed Hariri… not the Syrians.

You have been told that Israel fought two major wars because they were attacked by their neighbors. The truth is the opposite. Israel fomented those wars for the purpose of gain. In the first war, Israel attacked an American intelligence ship and sought to blame it on someone else. The preceding article should prove informative.

The argument is put forth that Israel was founded as a safe haven for history’s biggest victims. Circumstances show that Israel is also presently the head of the world’s biggest victim industry. It is the greatest irony that the world has ever known that the public relations wizards who sold the world the biggest lies ever perpetrated are now engaged in wiping out an entire people, inch by inch and day by day in front of the whole world while one portion of the world screeches like ravenous crows for a fantasy Jesus and his Disneyland Rapture and the other portion masturbates over images of photo-shopped blowup dolls as both of these groups swallow lies that would choke a whale.

The Jesus Christ with which I am familiar would have nothing to do with a great portion of those purporting to follow him and I have yet to get the sexual attraction of these images that look like they were blown up with a bicycle pump. The nipples seem to have a double purpose. The world wallows like rapacious swine in a landscape of plastic fantasies while torture and murder continue by the hour. Every one of the present conflicts was engineered by Israel; including the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly ‘soon to be’ Iran. They are all on fire because Israel engineered it. That’s that. That’s how it is.

It could be said that this is a nation of psychopaths who operate in tandem with psychopaths of other nations, creeds and colors. I suggest that it’s also a cabal of black magicians; conscious Satanists who do what they do, not just for spoils but for sport as well. They do it because they can and they do it in front of you because it pleases them. I tend to believe that there may well be some diabolical ley line which crosses through this so called Israel. It could be that there are secret chambers below the ground where they practice arcane rites that draw power from something out of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s tales. There’s some reason for the location and it isn’t Biblical.

The bottom line is that Israel is a Murder Incorporated Killing for Profit and Sport Corporation. In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do the police and military stand by and watch and protect insane settlers who beat people to death and throw them off of rooftops? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth can groups of people arm themselves and cross borders for the purpose of injuring the citizens of another country? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do soldiers shoot pre-pubescent children for amusement and then empty their clips into their bodies? In what other ‘civilized’ country on Earth do snipers shoot little girls on rooftops who are gathering their laundry? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do bulldozer operators deliberately crush people standing in their way and then laugh about it and long for more opportunity?

What other terror nation is allowed to operate with such impunity while they routinely kill and torture without end? There’s something going on behind the scenes; under the ground, in hidden laboratories or red and black draped dungeons that is not apparent to the eye. There’s some kind of evil magic afoot that has the world in its thrall. Some of us are immune but I couldn’t say why. It may be that it is some combination of self-interest, cowardice, coercion and delusion that keeps the world indifferent and culpable in the suffering of others. It could be some sinister magic as well. Something permits the impermissible.

Regardless of cause and means of continuance let me say this; for myself, for other souls of conscience and for the people of Palestine… I accuse you, Israel, of mass murder, systematic torment, genocide, thefts of land, money and possessions, murder of children, murder for sport, lies without count, evil and devious machinations, the destruction of nations in the pursuit of personal gain, the manipulation of world economies and ongoing criminal activity of all sorts, the attacks on The World Trade Center and other American landmarks, treachery beyond imagination and the cold blooded intention of world domination through threat and deception. You are an abomination and you will not endure. Your day will come and justice will be done and that day grows closer with each passing hour.


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