This is one of the best hoaxes in the history of the genre. Pulled off by the same people (The Yes Men) who brought us the faux “Osama” in Sydney last year at the APEC meeting or whatever it was https://www.nytimes-se.com/

The US and UK left the impression that Russia was the guilty party Wednesday, 12 November 2008 Thank goodness, they might be thinking at the US State Department and the British Foreign Office, for the financial crisis. Were it not for the ever-blacker news about the Western world’s economy, another […]


The GM genocide: Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using genetically modified crops By Andrew Malon When Prince Charles claimed thousands of Indian farmers were killing themselves after using GM crops, he was branded a scaremonger. In fact, as this chilling dispatch reveals, it’s even WORSE than he […]


It Appears that Greenpeace Has Become Yellowpeace Commentary by Captain Paul Watson Co-Founder of Greenpeace Is Greenpeace scared or just simply tired of posturing in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary year after year? I don’t know the real reason that they decided to quit sending a ship and crew to […]

From the Citizens Commission on Human Rights November 4th 2008 Auckland mother Maria Bradshaw revealed that the Police will be referring the case of the death of her son, Toran Henry, to Crown Law for possible manslaughter charges. In a moving speech at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights exhibition […]


Is John Key Shonky? Private Prosecution Filed in Auckland District Court Over Key’s Failure To Disclose Financial Interest in Trans-Rail “Because neither the Police nor the Serious Fraud Office have decided to investigate my complaint against John Key – I have taken a private prosecution myself”, said Water Pressure Group […]

ALL IS WELL IN STEPFORDVILLE: MORE ON THE PRE-ELECTION CHICANERY OF THE PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM Ellen Brown, November 3rd, 2008 www.webofdebt.com/articles/stepfordville.php “The Dow is a dead banana republic dictator in full military uniform propped up in the castle window with a mechanical lever moving the cadaver’s arm, waving to the […]