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To whom this may concern at Voices of September 11th,

Hello, My Name Is Dev C. I am a private Investigator and researcher of government for 21 years. I am writing you to first, give you my up most and deepest regaurds and condolences for the loss of Mrs. Beverly Eckert. It is because of her death that gave me every reason into taken great interest in this case. It was on February 13, 2009, when I became aware Of the Flight 3407 Crashing in Buffalo, NY. I Live near Buffalo. And when I heard the report I started documenting everything that was being said from the moment I heard it on the news. It was from there when I started noticing major inconsistencies with the report that was being made about that flight and how it went down as well as to the reason why it went down.

Well While the news was reporting this incident, they said: “that the Flight 3407 was at 15,000 ft. in the air and had Radioed the Control Tower, complaining, that their windows on the plane started icing up and that Flight 3407 called Radio Control Tower to request to decend too 13,000 ft., then 12,000 ft., and then to 11,000 ft.”

Now note: From 15,000 ft. to 11,000 ft. was no proof of this request or proof of Radio transmission Audio from this point released to the public to show this request, other than a transcript that this was what the pilot had reqested from the Flight Controller Tower and no proof of this transcript. But the Radio Audio Transmission that was released to the public was from 11,000 ft. to 2,300 ft., which is also were the Control Tower had lost contact with the Flight 3407. Here is your Copy of the only original Radio Transmission that was released to the public of Flight 3407.
https://www.necn.com/Boston/Nation/2009/02/13/Control-tower-audio-of-Flight/1234521449.html .

Now here is where my suspicion started rising:

#1. Why wasn’t the Public given the full complete Audio Transmission from 15,000 ft., to Were the Flight Controller lost communication to that aircraft ?

#2. Why was the Flight data Recorder taken to Washington, DC., which clearly violates Jurisdictional Laws  ?

It was also here where the Media reported: that there was absolutely “No May-Day Calls”  that where recorded what so ever on the Flight Data Recorder or on any Control Tower Radio Recordings that was released to the Public, that would show or indicate that the plane was in trouble or showed any May-Day stress calls, on any of their records.

Here is that Quote from that news report from the main stream news desk’ “WCVB TV/DT Channel 5 ABC”; “Recordings of air traffic control messages indicating that there was no May-Day calls from Flight 3407 before it crashed”. And here is that report: https://www.thebostonchannel.com/news/18705548/detail.html .

Now, It was here, that I was very suspicious, because, Flight 3407 first of all, had from 15,000 ft. to 11,000 ft. reporting that it was having problems according to the media, but no proof of this transmission was released, and then the Government also claimed, that Flight 3407 made their first request to drop down in lower altitude, but no proof was given of this claim, other than a hear-say claim, but the only proof we have that was released to the public was from 11,000 ft. to where the Control Tower lost contact, But even in this released version, “Never did it in this transmission indicate any discussion, that they where having any problems.

Now, here is where I am now convienced, that something was very wrong with the official report…

#1. Remember, Why wasn’t there any proof of the Radio Transmission from 15,000 ft. to 11,000 ft. but yet, why did they release only the Transmission from 11,000 ft. to point of lost contact, instead of releasing the whole transmission?

#2. Why wasn’t there a “May-Day Response” especially when they had plenty of time to scream May-Day? (This clearly indicates that someone tampered with that Radio Transmition, to make sure that no one would ever know what those Pilots where seeing or experiencing before it went down.)

#3. Why did the NTSB only give a Transcript of the Flight Data recording only in a Transcript form instead of giving us the audio Proof of that transcript?

#4. And Why did NTSB repeat what was being said on that flight data Recorder in a transcript form when it was discribing the mechanical problems into why that aircraft came down but yet none of this Information was ever reported in the Radio Transmission that was released to the public that began from 11,000 ft. to the point of lost contact?

#5. And Why isn’t the Radio Audio Transmission that was released to the public, (which is the only Audio that was released) consistant to the Flight data Recorder transcript, that the NTSB reported to the media? And Why doesn’t the Audio release report state any or simular problems as the transcript of the flight recorder reported to the public?

When I noticed that there was no May-Day response on that aircraft indicated a very strong indication that someone tampered with the radio communications systems on that aircraft. And it is from this point in my line of work were I start  looking at who is on this aircraft that is so important that someone would want to silence them. And then I start looking for the the Flight Manifest.

And it is from here where I took major notice to 5 potential people that was on board Flight 3407:
#1. Former Amherst resident Beverly Eckert, the widow of Sean Rooney, who was killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Eckert was traveling to Buffalo for a family celebration of what would have been her husband’s 58th birthday.
Mrs. Eckert Filed many times against the government to get them to re-open the investigation of 9/11 so that she could find out the real truth into who was responsible for the attacks of the WTC that killed her husband and 2,999 other innocent people. One because she was not satisfied with the official report. she knew there was major inconsistencies that was in the official report.

And for that she has established a name for herself, which put her in the highest levels of interest to the Secret Elite that was behind the attacks, to silence her. And when she made her visit the week before the crash with Barrack Obama that made the people who where involved with the attacks nervous, because these guys that was behind the attacks of 9/11, seen that this woman is just not going to go away. And when Beverly visited Obama Last week they felt worried that she was going to persuad President Obama to re-open the Investigation to 9/11. Which gave them every reason to oust her out, to silence her. Even though that wasn’t the reason why she went there, that didn’t matter to these guys they still seen her as a threat to their secretcies, that they didn’t want exposed. Remember one thing she knocked on the wrong doors and made a lot of people nervous. So keep that in your mind when you look at these evidence!

#2. Alison Des Forges, 66, who once taught at the University at Buffalo, historian and human rights activist who documented the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.  This Woman Testified against The Bill clintons Administration and their involvements in the Rewanda Genocide, before the United Nations War tribunal and has been trying to bring them to justice for a very long time. Now she also made a lot of people very nervous and mad. She was a major threat at exposing high levels of government and their involvements of the Genocide in Rewanda. She was a major person that they would want to silence. This here would also be the 2nd person on this plane that was a major person to silence.

These top 2 people where the most important that the secret elite wanted to silence because they posed the largest threat against those who where truely involved in the attacks of 9/11.

The other 3 people on Board that plane that went down were Defense Contractors for the Government now these 3 could have filed a whistle blowers testimony against the government which would put them in a high level of reason to silence them on this plane. But these 3 people are not confirmed that they filed a Whistle blowers testimony against the government. But also are not ruled out as the reason why this plane went down.

These 3 people are not as important as the first two that I listed! Here is that list of all the people that was on board that plane:

Here is Breaking News: Today February 16, 2009:

NTSB: Identical aircraft landed 27 minutes behind fatal flight

(CNN) — Trailing what would become a fatal flight by some 27 minutes, the same kind of aircraft operated by the same airline traveled the same route last week and landed safely, the NTSB said Monday. The pilot of the second Continental Connection flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Buffalo, New York, reported “moderate icing” during the trip and “made it to destination in Buffalo,” said Steve Chealander of the National Transportation Safety Board.
The second plane was a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, like the plane that crashed Thursday night near the Buffalo airport, killing 49 people on board and one person on the ground. Also like the fatal flight, the aircraft was operated on the Continental Connection route by Colgan Air, Chealander said.
Possible icing — and how the aircraft and the flight crew performed if icing was an issue — has become a focus in the aftermath of the crash of Flight 3407. The pilot and first officer of the flight discussed “significant” ice buildup on the aircraft’s windshield and wings before the crash, the NTSB said after listening to the cockpit voice recorder.

Chealander said Monday that he had been asked about possible icing on the aircraft’s tail. “If there’s icing on the wings, there’s icing on the tail,” he said. “The significance of that is yet to be determined. “The flight data recorder indicated the plane’s deicing system was activated 11 minutes after takeoff from Newark and remained on until the crash, according to the NTSB. Chealander said investigators have recovered most of the pieces of that system and will examine those materials to determine whether the system was operating properly.

Chealander also said questionnaires were being sent to every pilot who flew in the Buffalo vicinity the night of the crash to find out what icing conditions they might have encountered. He said the only report to air traffic controllers of “severe” icing that night came from a pilot “well south of the Buffalo area.”
On Sunday, Chealander gave details of the final violent seconds of the flight, saying the flight data recorder indicated that in the final seconds, the plane’s nose pitched drastically up, then down, and the plane then rolled left 46 degrees and then right 105 degrees, or past the 90-degree vertical point. Before impact in a residential neighborhood, the plane fell 800 feet in five seconds, Chealander said.
On Monday, he said about half the aircraft wreckage had been removed from the crash site and taken for detailed examination.
Giving an indication of the explosive nature of the impact and subsequent fire, Chealander said wreckage is being taken away “in bins and on trailers.”

Now isn’t this funny that another aircrraft that is Identical to the Flight 3407 flew in from the same location to the same destination and it never had any problems of freezing with the landing gears and landed perfect. then they said…. “Chealander also said questionnaires were being sent to every pilot who flew in the Buffalo vicinity the night of the crash to find out what icing conditions they might have encountered. He said the only report to air traffic controllers of “severe” icing that night came from a pilot “well south of the Buffalo area.” and they said… “The flight data recorder indicated the plane’s deicing system was activated 11 minutes after takeoff from Newark and remained on until the crash.”

#1. If the deicing system was turned on 11 minutes after takeoff, then how can ice be the cause of bringing that plane down, when no other flight had any problems with ice?

Now you see why I said; that the government lied that it was ice that brought this plane down. There was not any other craft that had problems with there landing gear.

And that is why I am Calling this a crime, because of the High levels of cover-up and the inconsistencies of the report and change of stories as well as violations of Jurisdictional Laws, and high level important people on board Flight 3407 that the secret elite would absolutely want to silence. You really must understand I’m am only trying to help you all to find out the real truth to what happened, because those people died at the hands of the Government and I know they did it!

9/11 was an inside job and that is why Beverly wanted 9/11 properly investigated, because she believed they lied about it and that they failed their people in protecting them and it is for that, that they killed her! Because she was a threat to these people when you figure that out, then you will begin to see the truth.

I want justice for Mrs. Beverly Eckert and all those people on board that plane because I know she was murdered! You can see the real truth of what our government was behind and much greater than just this plane, on my website. On my website, I do not post any blogger information only Government Documents and Main Stream media reports to show the spin and propaganda to all the Governments Documents that I posted on my Website.

But it shows you the facts of our Governments lies and corruptions as well as their involvements in the attacks of 9/11 and what they are planning for all of us! We are all heading for hell on this planet and it is our governments world wide that is going to bring this hell to all of us and it will all be based on false claims of terrorism if we don’t stop this insanity!

So Please go to my Website and you will then have your eyes open to the truth and you will be exposed to the lies then you will see why I contacted you and for the behalf of Beverly Eckert’s work and because I don’t think she deserved to die period or anyone else on that plane! Here is my website: https://www.911pathwaytoarmageddon.com/index.htm

P.S. Feel free to contact me anytime if you want to work together to bring these people to justice. I will help your organization anytime when your ready to bring charges against these key members that done this to those people as well as 9/11 victims

Sincerely Yours,
Dev C.

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