Conspiracy Nuts No Longer. Fox News Admits to FEMA Concentration Camps

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Date: Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 11:27 p.m.

Well, you have heard me personally speak of FEMA Concentration Camps being constructed in America for several years. I guess the news is finally catching on. Finally, Fox News is commenting on the issue, perhaps because of its’ need to maintain its’ credibility and “stay out in front of this news” before the public all discovers it and the true agenda of our mass-media’s deceit is revealed. Do you get that, even FOX NEWS is admitting the existence of FEMA Concentration Camps in America. Believe me, FOX NEWS is NOT generally to be trusted, but perhaps the news of these camps is getting so widespread, they have to pretend that they really give a damn to keep their legitimacy.


So, if the shadow government in America, consisting of secret societies, our sold out intelligence agencies, treacherous politicians and their masters in the mob and the criminal banking cartels, could build concentration camps throughout the entire nation (800-1000 camps), right under our noses, then don’t you think that same shadow government could engage in false flag operations like 9-11, anthrax letters, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Flight 800, and more? Are you stirring from your deep slumber yet, my dear fellow Americans?

Remember, Glenn Beck speaks of the camps as if they were created for immigrants. However, if the government was building them for immigrants, why would it continue to allow immigrants to have unchecked entry into this nation (especially at a time of a war on terror and on drugs) through the unguarded Mexican Border? It makes ZERO sense. Not only that, aren’t we STILL somewhat reeling from the internment of an entire race of people with the Japanese in WWII? Aren’t we still paying for that mess? Certainly, we would not do it again, especially in the light of the intense political correctness and scrutiny associated with the modern political climate and the widespread sympathy for Mexican immigrants in America.

Then, of course, the US Army calls these camps the “Inmate Civilian Labor Program” which would indicate that prison inmates will be brought online as a new labor force. See for yourselves:


An obvious problem with this position is that in the US, there is a hotly contested debate and court rulings that have determined that forced labor is unconstitutional so the camps would be illegal (I am not commenting on prisoner labor itself, although in reality, I support it). Another problem is that the government prisons are way over-crowded already, so why have these camps sat empty for years at a time?

Well, the New York Times said these camps are temporary detention centers for immigrants; however, we have no immigrants being held in them and the US Government has been on a light-speed course of making all the illegals into legal citizens. Therefore, this scenario does not fit for a multitude of reasons stated above.


In a 7-24-06 MarketWatch article, KBR, the Haliburton subsidiary who got the contract to build the camps, claimed that they were for immigrants too.


Does it sound like the US Government has been caught in a lie again? For what purpose? This scenario does not fit as it would appear that these camps are not for prison inmates (again, we have an over-crowding problem, so if they are for inmates, why aren’t they in use now?).

So, you have the Army stating that they are for prisoners and KBR, the company that built them and who would certainly know the details, as well as the New York Times, claiming that they were for immigrants. Both policies would not fly in this nation at this time in history. Again, what are these camps for? I will give you one guess and it is not for anyone who is a criminal.

The thing about liars is that they can rarely ever get their story straight. If these camps are not for illegal aliens or for prisoners, then who are they really for? Can you say Americans?


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