On July 4, declare independence from corporate rule.



A corporation is not a person. It’s an organizational structure that has no morality and feels no remorse. Yet the modern corporation enjoys the same rights as you or I: free speech, the ability to own property, the right to lobby government officials and protection against self-incrimination. Decades of deregulation and laissez-faire capitalist ideology have allowed corporations to steer the world’s political, economic, environmental and cultural agendas.

We need a contemporary insurrection to reclaim our democracy, our freedom and our country. We must challenge corporations and take back what is rightfully ours. Flying the Corporate America Flag as a symbol of our rebellion, let’s make this July 4 the beginning of the second American Revolution. Let’s declare our independence from corporate rule!



We’re thrilled about our recent victory in the BC Court of Appeal, but the battle is far from over. Leonard Asper and his CanWest cronies have appealed our victory to the Supreme Court of Canada. Our lawyers tell us they don’t stand a chance … they’re just trying to deplete our coffers.

This fight is about media democracy, the voice of civil society and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which gives every human being on the planet the right to seek, receive and impart information without hindrance.

Don’t let Leonard get away with his blatant censorship of the public airwaves. To continue this fight, we must raise $50,000 to cover legal costs – we’ve already raised $12,000. Please go to www.adbusters.org/donate and put something into our coffers.



Adbusters #85, Thought Control in Economics, is only a few days away from deadline. We’ve got maverick economists like Herman Daly and Lourdes Beneria offering their views about the current crisis and interviews with Nobel Prize winners George Akerlof, Paul Samuelson and Joseph Stiglitz. But we need your intimate epiphanies peppered throughout … send something juicy to editor@adbusters.org.

If you’re an economics student anywhere in the world craving a different point of view, get in touch with us and we’ll send you acomplimentary copy of the issue.

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Wed Jun 24 , 2009
They did this KNOWINGLY. [youtube]pkekgGhoZsQ&NR=1[/youtube]