By Siv O’Neall Axis of Logic Friday, Jul 10, 2009 Wars have always been fought for the profit of the very few and brought about anguish and suffering for the very many. They have always been caused by the rapaciousness of the leaders. The people have always been the ones […]


U.S. denies reaching deal with Israel on settlement building The United States denied Wednesday that it has reached a compromise that would allow Israel to complete the construction of 2,500 housing units in West Bank settlements. The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv had reported earlier in the day that said Israel could […]


US politician urges Iran ‘sabotage’ Gingrich says the US should target Iran’s oil and gas infrastructure to topple the government [EPA file] The former speaker of the US House of Representatives has said that the US should “sabotage” Iran’s oil and gas infrastructure as part of its efforts to bring down […]

The Gore model says that temperature rises are directly correlated with rising C02 levels. Well, C02 is still going up and … temperatures are falling. Just like Chicken Little’s sky. – Ed. Earth’s ‘Fever’ Breaks! Global temperatures ‘have plunged .74°F since Gore released An Inconvenient Truth’ June 2009 saw […]

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