Hiatus: Iran, China, & -Why-Palestine-Is-Still-An-Issue-

13 July 09

Long time no see !

I think it has been a little bit over a month since my last post here and a lot has happened since then:

The elections in Lebanon, Iran, events in China with the Muslims vs. sectarians and the continued expansion in Palestine.

Basically, nothing has changed since my hiatus.

To make things easier on my readers – I can summarize the mentioned points as follows:

1.    Lebanon:    The election that occurred in June has been proven nothing more than a sham due to the fact that The United States, Saudi Arabia and other outlying nations played major roles in purchasing votes – both literally and metaphorically.

The resistance lost to the government puppets, the 
same puppets who stood idle whilst Israel bombarded Lebanon in 2006 while the resistance group Hezballah fought back.

2.   Iran:    I suggest those who are not familiar with the term coup d’état get cozy with it,  and soon.

The events in Iran were not over the citizens wanting “change” or hating Mr.Ahmedinejad – it was an attempt to overthrow the government of Iran with nothing more than a 
Gucci Revolution of the lowest order.


3.   China:    The crackdown on the Muslim Uighur minority has drawn nothing more than a muted response from many Muslim countries that may be wary of damaging lucrative support of the Uighurs.

Even Iran is speaking out against the persecution of the Muslim minority, whilst the pathetic Arab regimes lay silent – something typical of ethnocentric regimes.

Over 200 are now dead and over 1,680 remain injured – some crucially.

The government is persecuting the Muslim populace and the world, even the Muslim world, is barely crying out for these people.


4.   Palestine:   Israeli’s are not only expanding their illegal settlements on Palestinian soil but they are setting fire to acres and acres of their land (s).

“..the military allowed the Israeli fire fighter brigades to start stopping the fire 
when it got close to the settlement which caused great losses for the Palestinian farmers.”

Thieves wish to keep their stolen goods in proper condition of course.

A lot has happened since June the 6th, but just because I neglected my website doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting the news.



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