The MOST IMPORTANT story on the Swine Flu Pandemic continues to be CENSORED from the mass media.


And this is it:

“Swine Flu” (A/H1N1) vaccine manufacturer (Baxter International) is currently under investigation for a possible deliberate
contamination of the regular flu vaccine – with live Bird Flu virus.

In June, 2009, Baxter International was found to have distributed a “Seasonal” influenza (H3N2) vaccine which was contaminated with live Bird Flu (H5N1) virus.

If scientists in the Czech Republic had not identified the problem before the contaminated vaccine was released to the public, the vaccine would have CAUSED the very “Bird Flu” pandemic that the world had been told was coming.

Why wasn’t this story on the front page of every newspaper in the world? And HEADLINE NEWS ON TV??

This “contamination” was about the most serious breach of safety you can possibly imagine.

Baxter International is required BY LAW to adhere to Biosafety Level 3 protocols which are there specifically to prevent accidental contamination of this kind. It was either gross negligence, or it was deliberate.

Baxter had in fact distributed 72 kgs of live H5N1 Bird Flu viral material around the world.

By the beginning of 2009 it had become apparent that the Bird Flu virus was not spreading much beyond birds. Business-wise, the pandemic was a fizzle as the Great Bird Flu (H5N1) Pandemic Panic of 2009 was simply not going to happen.

To a vaccine company eager to sell billions of vaccines, Bird Flu was a loser.

However, with a little help from the highly transmissible human “Seasonal Flu” virus Bird Flu just might possibly make a comeback and achieve pandemic status after all.

The Toronto Sun reported that “While H5N1 doesn’t easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people.”

While Baxter actually ADMITTED to having contaminated the Season Flu vaccine with the live Bird Flu virus, it held to the claim that the whole thing had been some sort of an “accident”.

However, an accident that had it not been stopped by some alert scientists in a lab in the Czech Republic, would have been awfully good for business. The contaminated “Seasonal” vaccine would have spread the new, more serious “New Improved” Bird Flu, thus creating the panic market for Bird Flu vaccines!

However, thanks to the Czech scientists who spotted the contamination in the nick of time, the Bird Flu pandemic did not materialise as planned.

Nevertheless, Baxter most likely had an off-the-shelf “back up plan”, as any forward thinking pharmaceutical giant would do.

The Swine Flu Pandemic.

(Initial reported outbreak: 50 km from Baxter’s Mexican facility.)

One courageous Austrian journalist, Jane Burgermeister, who has been spearheading the investigation of Baxter and others who may be in on the conspiracy, recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the company.

She has also brought charges against the WHO and the UN for conspiracy to commit genocide.

Isn’t this just “Conspiracy Theory”?

We wish it were. But as the evidence pours in to support these charges, more and more people – SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS, NEUROLOGISTS – are taking a very close look at the whole vaccine/biowarfare industry and are speaking out.

They are reluctantly concluding that this whole new “Swine Flu” pandemic (and several others before) is “man made” biowarfare against the people of the world.

Even the New England Journal of Medicine has written that the “Swine Flu” was “possibly” made in a laboratory.

“In the April 30, 2009 issue of Nature, a virologist was quoted as saying, ‘Where the hell it got all these genes from we don’t know.’ Extensive analysis of the virus found that it contained the original 1918 H1N1 flu virus, the avian flu virus (bird flu), and two new H3N2 virus genes from Eurasia. Debate continues over the possibility that swine flu is a genetically engineered virus.” – Dr Russell Blaylock MD

So, the so-called “Swine Flu” virus seems to have genetic material in it from pigs, chickens … and the 1918 flu that killed millions of people.

In fact, not conspiracy theory, US scientists have actually been working for several years to recreate the 1918 flu virus, and this year reported success.

They actually dug up some corpses of people who had died in 1918.

All for science.

This is it, gang.

We believe the time has come to fight not only for our rights – but for our very lives.

We believe that the VACCINE ITSELF will cause serious illnesses – if only thanks to SQUALENE and/or other toxic “adjuvants”.

An adjuvant is a substance designed to create an “immune response”. Unfortunately for large numbers of people, this “response” goes seriously wrong and the body starts attacking itself. The “Gulf War Syndrome” which incapacitated thousands of men and women in the US Army was reliably traced back to Squalene and other contaminated vaccines.

Indeed, vaccines have been killing us for years.

Only this time they’re going for a lot more people than ever before.

And they want to insure that they have a captive market.

To that end, vaccine manufacturers have had laws passed in Europe, the USA and Japan, to allow forcible vaccination of the population “in the event of a pandemic”. From a drug company’s perspective, it means that the declaration of a pandemic in these countries could produce a financial windfall – since the whole population can be forcibly injected with their vaccine – regardless of whether or not the vaccine has been proven to be effective or safe.

And there is no serious testing of any of the Swine Flu vaccines.

They are being rushed into production instead.

And that’s not all.

In the USA legislation was passed that gives vaccine companies legal indemnity, making it impossible for people to sue for damages if they (or a family member) suffer from injuries – or die – as a result of their injection with the swine flu vaccine.

Why are governments spending billions of dollars on a vaccine that is still in development, for a virus that is mutating and can’t be stopped with any vaccine, has not been adequately tested and is being made by a company under criminal investigation for contaminating their product to START A SERIOUS PANDEMIC.

Why, indeed?

The Vaccine: Far Worse Than the Flu?

This vaccine could well be “weaponised” – designed to kill you or give you a serious chronic illness. As mentioned earlier, one of its ingredients, SQUALENE, has been known for a long time to give people AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES.

All this should serve as an urgent wake up call to the billions of people who are about to be forced into getting jabbed.

Jane Burgermeister has done the world a great service by exposing the “Baxter Incident” and bringing criminal charges against the perpetrators. Now her efforts must be supported here in NZ and worldwide. This is what you can do now:

Ring or email your MP and The Hon Tony Ryall, Minister of Health. Tel (04) 817 6804 or email his office here:

. Tell them that mandatory vaccinations are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Tell them NOT TO USE BAXTER VACCINE WHILE THE COMPANY IS FACING CRIMINAL CHARGES!!! Could mandatory vaccinations happen in NZ? The Health Act 1956 gives the Medical Officer of Health the power to quarantine people until they have had “preventative treatment”, which could include vaccination. This same Act in NZ empowers police to use force to assist in carrying out directions from the Medical Officer of Health.

“There are much safer ways to protect oneself from this flu virus, such as higher doses of vitamin D3, selective immune enhancement using supplements, and a good diet.” – Dr Russel Blaylock

Jane Burgermeister’s Blog:



Vaccine Ingredients

Alternative Therapies


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