Economic destruction of America a real threat, debts too massive for paper to absorb, mysteries still surround Madoff, the Goldman scam, 57 banks have now gone under this year, families struggle to pay college bills, TARP a mystery to taxpayers, no stability at AIG, jobless benefits drying up for workers.

The US Illuminists are gambling big. This is the most dangerous part of their strategy, namely, how to take down America and the dollar without destroying themselves in the process, both financially and politically. They are going to get smoked. Even now the stock, bond and commodities markets are spiraling out of their control, and their new outrageous salaries and bonuses are about to be debauched as they are left holding the bag with huge positions in dollar-denominated paper assets. They will try to dump this paper without sending gold and silver on a moon-shot, but they are doomed to failure. The amounts of paper assets and debt are simply too massive, and the commodities markets and other tangible assets are too small to absorb these gargantuan sums of money and credit without exploding to the upside. Just keep buying gold, silver and their related shares on the dips, and you just can’t lose in the long term. The trend is your friend. Gold and silver are trending up, and stocks, bonds and derivatives are trending down – way down!!!

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Fri Aug 7 , 2009
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