Are We Really Cattle?


By: Peter Chamberlin

Have we really become “We the sheeple,” or are we still human beings?  The planet is dying under the thrall of a small minority of men who think of the rest of the human race as “cattle,” livestock for them to buy and sell.

The ruling class behaves much like a spoiled child, if they don’t get to have everything their way all of the time, they throw this massive temper tantrum and threaten to upset the whole game.  They have gotten their way in everything for so long that they have fallen under the spell of their own propaganda.  They believe that we are sub-human animals, who should be herded into the best outcome possible.  But, have the rest of us begun to accept this as well?

As members of the human herd, most of us recoil at the “bovinian” suggestion, but consider just how much we do behave like a herd.  We willingly accept being treated like a herd, trusting our lives to politicians because we appreciate not having to make hard decisions for ourselves, being contented as cows, as our leaders and their hired hands drive us down a path to destruction, for the sake of them making a few dollars more in profit.

Preserving profits for the ruling elite is the only motivation (other than media-manipulated patriotism and nationalism) compelling us to fight our resource wars in Asia and Africa.  The leaders of the entire world pretend that we are there to fight against terrorism, even though they know that the terrorism comes with us, their hope being their own little “piece of the action.”  The American way is to wage war with dollars, as well as bombs.

What the hell is the matter with people?  Has everyone so bought-in to the propaganda that leads them to their own deaths that they believe the lies that control us?  Willfully following sell-out leaders, who are leading their own countries to death and slavery is more than merely suicidal, it’s something a dumb animal would do.

Does the herd even think of itself as human anymore?  Would it really matter what the herd thought about anything, anyway?  Nothing will change as long as we willingly accept this idiocy.  We have not changed.   We are still human beings.  Our feelings and concerns for ourselves, our families and our friends are legitimate, and just as real and as valid as those shared by the ruling class elitists who send our sons and daughters into battle to control the gas and oil, just like everyone who is being targeted by our government as it sends forth Special Forces and their “Islamist” counterparts to kill, not in the name of freedom, but to seize unfair economic advantage!

The entire “conflict” within the “arc of crisis” that is schemed over by Brzezinski and friends is manufactured for our entertainment and distraction.  It is foolishness to look at “militant Islamists” and the CIA Special Forces teams who are sent in to fight them as two separate entities, without realizing that they are one and the same.

In Central Asia, the scary “Islamists” appear, as if by magic, wherever the oil companies have an interest.  Theories are floated that the sudden rush of militant extremists in western China and the former countries of the Soviet Union is explained as an unfortunate by-product of Pakistan’s anti-Taliban offensive, as militants trained in Pakistan’s FATA Region return to their native countries.

From Russia to China and southwards, attacks begin in targeted nations and then someone appears in the national media to warn of the “Islamist” threat.  News stories begin to appear of running gun battles and explosions, linking all of them to the “militant” threat.  Attacks are made upon adversaries of the United States and those countries then become blacklisted as unstable for development and the subservient, media dutifully reports that our enemies have been attacked our other enemies.

Whose interests does this serve—crazy militants, with their warped dreams of a “caliphate,” or American oil companies, who are trying to undermine China, Iran and Russia?  The “powers that be” are playing a very dangerous game with all of our lives.

How long will the countries targeted by American/Islamist limited warfare continue to tolerate this bold assault?  China, in particular, is presently bound by the economic chains that have been forged with the United States.  How much longer will it continue to abide provocations in Xinjiang and other Chinese interests from Central Asia, to Pakistan, to Africa?  It would be extremely unprofitable right now for China to haul the United States before the UN Security Council or to take military actions in retaliation for this low-intensity war that has been waged upon them.  But that will not always be true.  When the American house of cards finishes collapsing all bets will be off.

Our new administration in Washington has been empowered with as mandate for change, yet the only change that they have opted for is to accelerate the plans for world conquest in Central Asia.  The only real impediment to that plan is the American people.  Will the people continue to tolerate Obama’s impersonation of Bush and allow this obscene escalation of the neocon wars?

The ruling class fears an aware, vigilant majority.  They know the people’s power and they tremble before it.  It is only the people themselves, the “sheeple,” who fail to realize the awesome powers delegated into our hands. It upsets the self-appointed whenever anyone begins to regain any measure of that control back, depriving the secret rulers of their illegitimate power to dictate the terms of our lives.  The worst thing of all for them would be if all people everywhere were suddenly allowed to start thinking for themselves, with everyone making their own decisions.

The human race finds itself in an extremely unusual dilemma; if the best-laid plans of mankind’s finest minds succeed, then humanity may cease to exist.  If the plan that has been crafted by the finest minds, financed by the world’s greatest “benefactors” and supported by nearly every government on the face of the planet, succeeds, then “humankind” may cease to exist, to be replaced by a new master-race parasitic species and its new sub-human host species (the living remainder of the “useless eaters”).

A great moment of crisis has been manufactured for us.  The decisions that have been made have maneuvered us into a kill box, so that the harvesting of the “useless eaters” may begin.

If mankind as a whole cannot embrace a new benevolent identity and move forward together, then, thanks to our enslavement to technological advancements, our old malevolent identities are positioned to destroy all life on this planet.  A decision to change must be made on a societal level.  The world cannot change, humanity cannot evolve to the next level, until someone leads the way.  The self-appointed leadership of the “free world” has to either lead the way or get out of the path of others who understand the path to mankind’s salvation.

The way of force must be replaced by the path of cooperation.  This is not a direction that is presently coming from the United States; it is entirely an Asian phenomenon.  The Western Darwinian world of domination by the strongest has brought us to the point of economic collapse and unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe.  The rulers of this old order have one solution to all problems—more force, the closed fist.  There is a better way.

Wherever the models of supply and governance are breaking-down, force is the immediate solution, the only solution offered.  If all the people cannot be fed, then obviously (only to inhuman thinkers) there must be too many people, therefore, we must thin-out the herd of “useless eaters” (non-productive members of society).  Simply helping the people in need would not be “profitable.”  The United States, as the leader of the developing world, must have more energy and other strategic resources available to it than the rest of the world, therefore, we are justified in moving those resources out of the Middle East and Central Asia into our hands, whatever is required to do so (taking by force).

Likewise, in domestic policies such as health care and education reform, it is “wasteful” of limited resources to supply high-dollar medical treatments to those patients whose health will never improve, or expensive educations to students who are less than “exceptional.”  The way of force embraces such cost-cutting ideas, depicting them as moral choices, since limited funds are not “wasted” on life-supporting treatments for the terminally ill, or on educational opportunities for mediocre students ( those should be wasted the ignorant cousins of the elite).

This is the thinking of the old order that has put us in our current dilemma.  The “selfish man” having his way when he really shouldn’t, has created a real threat to all mankind.  The selfish must give way to the needs of the entire community.

A new generation of selfless leaders is arising to meet the challenge posed by the dying order.  Where “selfish man” cannot conceive of anything but a profit-based international order, “new man” cannot accept thinking that does not contain a human element, a compassionate direction.  The old malevolent thinking is violence based, whereas new man cannot conceive of killing his fellow man.  Selfless leaders of the humanity movement have great difficulty in understanding the thinking of the heartless corporate extortionists.  There is a basic disconnect between the thinking of the old man and the “new man” who is rising-up amongst them.  This gives the new man the advantage, if he can only take advantage of it.

This brings the situation down to where we witness a rising minority of “new men” facing-off against a persevering minority of the super-wealthy, who are perhaps even more dedicated to preserving their old selfish order of mankind, whatever the potential costs.  The leadership of the rising humanitarian order is trying every reasonable means at its disposal to overturn the old order, while the leadership of the house of profit is using every means in its limitless bag of tricks to destroy the threat.

Through economic and military coercion the United States has persuaded the world into allowing it almost free rein in shaping international institutions and the ideas that are acceptable to world opinion.  We have created an illusory image of ourselves which hides American war crimes and crimes against humanity behind a hypocritical mask of humanitarianism and “foreign aid.”

Membership in America’s club requires a sell-out of their countrymen from the leaders of the nations that are seeking our “aid packages” or entrance into our economic system.  The sell-out is to embrace our manufactured image, blinding themselves to the reality that our leaders create.  The real image of America, one of double-dealings and secret wars, is hidden from the world by common consent.  The pay-off for these leaders is the personal fortunes that each of them has acquired and gained notoriety for in their home countries.

By letting Americans determine which words and opinions are “politically correct” in acceptable discussion in the media, crimes are hidden and false realities become the foundation of public debate.  In this way, internal debate bends to accommodate the false American reality.  This American power to simultaneously bully and seduce their way in the world, extending into the basic rights of the Nations involved, has allowed our inept leaders to force upon the world the situation we face today.  Further bullying and super-scheming by Obama and Brzezinski will not achieve American objectives of total power.  Another way must be found.

It is only a matter of time before America is taken out of the world’s way.  It is inevitable that the world will embrace the way of international cooperation, over the American way of secret and open conquests.  The only alternative to a world centered on meeting its own needs is the present course we are trapped on, one wherein the victor claims all the spoils of war.  That world cannot be attained within our technological environment (do the math).  Nature will continue, either with us, or in spite of us.

The world needs a life-changing moment, one that will force all thinking humans to make life-changing decisions, so that we can all emerge from it as a different people, new men and women.

Everything is now black and white, not black or white as it should be.  The way forward is for each of us to begin to see both sides, or all sides, of contentious issues.  Life has conditioned us to divide everything new into categories, based on determinants of fear, greed, or other motivators.  We have to understand that these are the motivators of children, or animals, not adult human beings.  There are so many simple solutions to be found by those without blinders, with two eyes to see.

The world will solve its problems and go on, as long as we don’t prevent that from happening.  The question of whether we will continue to seek to force the world to accept American domination, or if we will learn to play well with others, will determine whether or not we are accepted into the new order that is now emerging in Asia and beyond.

The energy supplies and other natural resources that are being fought over will be moved to markets, no matter what.  Fighting to claim them, or to keep others from obtaining them, is a backwards policy, meant to enrich the few at the sake of the many.  All of this will change.

Whether or not this Nation will be part of the new world alliance is a question that each of us must answer.  Will we passively allow the United States to perish from the face of the earth or develop into the full-blown pariah nation that have been becoming, that we will deserve for impeding the advancement of the human race, or will we stop the madness and deception by altering our leaders’ commitment to their present path?   Or, will we interfere with their petty plans?

Barack Obama has a very clear choice to make, whether he is going to be remembered as humanity’s emancipator from war or as history’s last tyrant?   Obama has to decide what means more to him, pursuing a path that will engender hope in the entire human race, or pursuing his own ambition.  Will he take a stand for freedom and human decency by ending all of our wars right now with the stroke of a pen, or will he continue to drag us down the path of total war in Central Asia, the path that we were bound to by the former tyrants, Bush and Cheney?

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