Americans : You Did This

Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Afghanistan,Iraq,and Pakistan.

Terrorists,Terrorizers, Terrorism.

Who is the enemy here and who is the hero?

The media, in all of it’s apathetic glory, has impaled truth and justice while spreading confusion and unsubstantiated disdain against people many of us do not even know.
This is all about
winning to you people – waging and winning wars, killing and capturing hearts, bombing and breaking spirits. Imperialistic endeavors hell-bent on dividing and conquering peoples and places with no defined reason; general calls to end ‘terrorism’ with no validation.

We are all programmed to fear them, but who are they?

Muslims, Arabs, Headscarved women, bearded men, Muhammad’s, Hassan’s and Husseins.  Xenophobic revulsion and cowardly abhorrence all in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’.

The ‘war on terror’ is nothing more than war on your mind- You all sit and nod in agreement with tight lipped politicians who wag their tongues on occasion when the timing is convenient for them to induce hysteria.

The Arabs are out to get us. The Iraqi’s are envious of our ‘freedoms’. The Afghan women don’t mind us killing their children because they are ‘oppressed’. The Palestinians hate the Jews. We’re killing them to save you.

You did this to these people.

You willingly pay for the massacres, the bombings, the artillery, the ammunition, the tanks, the helicopters […] and you make yourself feel better by putting a flag on everything.

The massacres:
An American flag held high above sites attacked by United States Occupation Forces; another prick in the arm of alleged terrorism. The civilians that die are only ‘collateral damage’. The hundreds you kill are swept under events branded
incidental while you knowingly understand that there is no such thing as a ‘collateral’ attack on schools, governmental buildings and civilian homes.

The weapons:
You have a right to arm yourself but the citizens of third world countries have no such right as long as
you are in charge. You have managed to create an imaginative display out of breathing human beings – turning them into savages and barbarians while they do nothing less than defend their lives against imperialistic aggression.
Splashing pictures of armed Iraqi’s with masks on sends the Conservative populace of America reeling while pictures of American soldiers in tanks,donning their uniforms makes them proud.

The American flag makes everything pretty and easier to swallow. Flags on your cars, on your cups, on your pens and pencils, on your shirts, on your body, on your caskets […]

You even make death as nationalistic and patriotic as possible in order to lessen the sting and repulsive stench of burning flesh and torn body parts.

You want to blame the government for these imperialistic wars yet cannot deny that they have come to power through help from none other than you.

You are a selfish member of society who refuses to act when you see no immediate benefit for yourself.  You have aided in causing the destruction of civilizations which go beyond the history of your very own nation. You have promoted the genocide and ethnic cleansing of people who do not look, speak or believe as you do.

You are a fool who demands that the government stay out of your life while encouraging the United States oligarchy to loot and pillage the lives of others. It hurts your tiny brains to think outside the box, thus you let the government do the thinking for you – let them tell you who your enemy is.

Starbucks,McDonalds, Burger King, KFC. JcPenny’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Dillards.

As long as you get to suppress your perverted lust for sustenance and shop on the weekends it doesn’t matter where your money goes. Let’s all drink and be merry,and leave counting the dead until morning.

You are to blame for every screaming babe who cannot eat in Afghanistan, you are to blame for every widow who has lost her husband, you are to blame for every raped Iraqi girl who returns to her family in charred and broken bits.

You are all accessories to war crimes because you have willingly paid for all of this.

You are working for the imperialist machine.

You have brought the immorality of your culture and pressured your governing bodies into have it devour theirs: drugs, prostitution, alcohol, sectarianism, nationalism, sexism, racism …

You cannot tolerate a revolutionary idea that screams for justice and refuses to bow to your flag and your elitist mentality. The world must be witness to what you assume is a ‘lucid’ and shining fact – you are number one.

Occupation and invasion. Desecration and defilement. Yes,you’re number one in those areas.

Americans are sleeping on a bed of graves and they rock one another to sleep through a lullaby of carnage and mass murder.

A simpleton solely blames the government for all actions and inactions while refusing to acknowledge the fact that these men and women who promote wholesale murder are in power with their help.

The United States has managed to annihilate thousands of innocent people yet the citizens cannot change their governing bodies? This is either blatant asininity or you seemingly do not want the change you are seen harping about.

Americans,you did this to them. No one but you.


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