Imaginary Gold Bullion: How Deep Does the Plunder of the World’s Resources Go?



Most people on the planet know that Congress and the Obama administration have not yet really tried to investigate the corruption on wal-street (caustic pun and metaphor intended) and/or bring the cabal of criminals to justice –plus enact laws such as another Glass-Steagall Act to prevent another such widespread scale of economic crisis and corruption in the future.

Proof of this is in a plethora of articles everywhere, including the New York Times article, ‘Why Won’t Obama Draw a Line in the Sand and Take on the Wall Street Wrecking Crew? (click here)

There are many reasons for those in government power to resist the anti-corruption changes that 99%+ of the public want.

For example wal-street’s agents (notably, Goldman Sachs’ agents) are embedded in all government halls of economics, plus all halls of lobbying. In an invisible ‘revolving door’, elite wal-street bankers/employees move back and forth between choice bank and federal government positions. A good article about this is ‘Goldman Sachs In Government – Government in Goldman Sachs’ at click here

Lobbyists make sure that congress, the senate and other government officials keep it sweet for the captains of corruption (Lobbyists Influence Financial Reform-click here)

Almost half of Congress are millionaires (Nearly Half of Congress Millionaires While Only Earning 6 Figures-click here) and thus are embedded in the System to keep it ‘business as usual’ for the established and entrenched status quo.

It is almost impossible to get selected for entry into the elite groups that run for high government offices unless you are an elite. Obama himself, one of the ‘poorest’ of these members skirted the multimillionaire requirement by raising most of his campaign funds through the Internet. His wealth has come mostly from his book sales or so we are told.

But the majority of high office seekers already have eight figures or more at their behest, comprising a class elite that further profits, after election, from deals and schemes usually disguised as ‘pork barrel projects, or the result of ‘good connections’.

The richest ‘members of the government houses’ are the foxes guarding the chicken coop or the ‘public bank’ from which they steal in the name of the law, or in the name of the law of power and privilege.

And of course, these agents of chaos, destruction and selfishness see no problem with their anti-human, psychopathic behavior. Somehow, they ‘know’ better and have ‘greater wisdom’ than the rest of us. Of course, these ‘sacred executioners’ are rewarded handsomely for keeping worldwide economic systems corrupt for their masters who reign above them, including their sycophantic allegiance to their interpretation of ‘god’.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein believes he is doing ‘God’s Work’ (click here).

And in this vein of doing ‘God’s Work’ comes an article with a similar name. This alarming article is called ‘On Doing God’s Work’ by Ron Kirby (


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