Put your ideas and convictions on film! itISapartheid.org in partnership with Stop the Wall announce the first international Israeli Apartheid Video Contest As part of the colonial conflict in Palestine, Israel has instituted a policy of apartheid that separates Palestinians from Israelis and Palestinians from each other, creating an oppressive […]

[youtube]9My8sbckwAc[/youtube] This is a 9/11 commercial whose goal is to illustrate the utter absurdity of all 3 of the freefall collapses at the World Trade Center through a game of Jenga. The falling towers defy the laws of physics. It is from 3 members of We Are Change LA.


[ oh … great … ] “This is worth reading. It seems to me a pretty accurate assessment of what’s happening. What I can’t understand is why it’s so difficult for the whole world to see and understand what’s happening. I long wondered where all the money is coming from […]

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