Bush Sr. a ‘Murderous, Zionist Piece of Shit’



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Pizza Shop Heckler:

Bush Sr. a ‘Murderous, Zionist Piece of Shit’
By Stephen C. Webster

January 12, 2010 “Raw Story” —  For a man whose son became one of the most polarizing, controversial and even hated figures in U.S. history, a mouthful of pizza may not be worth a mouthful of profanity.

At an unidentified pizza shop visited by George H.W. Bush recently, one of the customers decided to give the former president a slice of his mind, replete with generous toppings.

“Murderous, Zionist piece of shit,” the man said as he filmed the scene. Bush’s entourage of guards quickly turned and began walking toward the camera.

Zionism is a Jewish political movement that ultimately led to a reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty over the lands of ancient Israel.

“You won’t get your new world order, guys,” he continued, an apparent reference of Bush’s use of the term in his 1991 State of the Union address.

The term “new world order” originated with an analysis of world affairs and preponderance of what it would take to bring about a lasting global peace, published by celebrated author and life-long socialist H.G. Wells in 1939. Wells called for “a rational consolidation of human affairs” under what he perceived to be the rapidly approaching mantle of global governance and what he called the failure of dictatorship by proletariat.

It has since become a favored term of both heads of state all over the world and political activists fighting the erosion of national sovereignty in the face of globalism’s growing influence.

“Are you happy for the millions of deaths you’re part of?” the man continued. “People know. People are waking up to the reality of this, Mr. Bush.”

“That’s unnecessary,” one of the guards says as he edges the man out of the store’s front door.

“No, it isn’t unnecessary,” the cameraman replied. “The guy is responsible for killing millions. If you knew anything about real history …” he trailed at the clip’s end.

After this debacle, Bush may think again before strolling into random pizza joints.

This video was published to YouTube by user thenewsjunkieuploads on Jan. 11, 2010.


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