“It’s The Biggest Bank Robbery In American History – But The Banks Are Doing The Robbing”



“It’s the biggest bank robbery in American history, but the banks are doing the robbing.

I mean, just go through the facts.

What, overnight in 2008 they turned Goldman Sachs, that venerable investment bank – how about casinos that gambled and lost – into a bank holding company.


Well, so that they could borrow at ridiculously low rates and they could be given approximately $10 billion dollars to put them on the road to gambling.

And then what happened?

It’s not that they’re a bank.

I mean, do you go to a Goldman Sachs ATM machine?

Do you have Goldman Sachs checks?

Do you go to your Goldman Sachs branch?

It’s highway robbery right in front of us.

They’re nothing more than a hedge fund and they’re making money off the sweat of the American people.

So, when we’re looking at this time and time again, we’re just looking at all this printed money going absolutely nowhere other than into the pockets of a few.”

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