The Hunt For Osama – Year 9. Doing Our Bit.


In the Time honoured tradition of TIME magazine

( where they can tell you all about the war in detail, but not why it started or why we are even in Afghanistan ),

here is a complete -nothing- story from TVNZ about our lads scratching religious glyphs into the side of their weapons

( instead of the story being about why the war started or why we are even in Afghanistan – but I guess that that’s just the level of local journalism regarding foreign affairs that we are currently faced with).

[ Here’s a picture of our lads wearing pairs of those groovy new hi-tech semi-binocular anti-glare desert shades that they scored off the military industrial complex ]

Previously, we had to find out about what our troops were up to there from the Norwegian press.

They’ve been deployed to Kabul where

– if you have ever played Call of Duty 4 –

you would know that everyday there is an ‘anything can happen day’

– when you try and take other people’s countrys off them.

And here’s a bit of lame drivel guff about our SAS deployment from Fairfax.

Our PM and foreign policy makers are living a boy’s adventure tale if they think that the reason we are there is because of  – and I quote :

“New Zealand [is] playing a role in preventing global terrorism spreading out from Afghanistan”

At least some of our more globally-minded leaders are starting to squeak about it.

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