Timeline : Simon Mann The events that led to the British mercenary being jailed in Equatorial Guinea for plotting to overthrow the government 2003 May-December: The coup plot is hatched in London and Cape Town. A syndicate of financiers is drawn in, including Sir Mark Thatcher, then living in South […]

[ I know this has been going on for seven years now in Iraq – but here it is again anyway ] Despite the U.S government massively increasing spending on its own war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, private security contractors are still flourishing, even though their reputations are at […]

He’s one of the only national-level politicians who takes a stand for the country and its citizens (in contrasts with the shills on both sides of the aisle who work for Wall Street, the Pentagon, Big Pharma and other assorted crooks.) But recently, we discovered a surprising “secret” about Mr. […]