The Mass Mainstream Media & The Military Industrial Complex (videos)

TV lies.

We all know this.

After Vietnam, the pentagon went to new great lengths to make sure it got the coverage it wanted.

So it installed embedded journalists, and even created it’s own movie production team.

They were involved in creating the scene for the fallen state of Saddam in 2003.


[ from the documentary The Control Room’ ]

The MSM took these military approved tapes and ran them.

It was only online that the story was debunked and aerial photos were shown exposing the lies.

War coverage from within the borders is no better,

as the talking heads have generals on every channel during a war.

In Gulf War 1 CNN made a report from Florida claiming that they were in Saudi Arabia.

They had a fake background, fake, tree, and fake alarms.

In Gulf War 2,

the BBC used a 12 year old college paper from an American student and plagiarized whole paragraphs from it

and tried to pass it off as current reliable information of Saddam’s infrastructure.

Colin Powell quoted from this bogus report.

2006 MSNBC aired fake tapes from kids in California

and claimed them to be authentic footage from terrorists.

All the MSM used so called Al Qaeda tapes of Bin Laden that had entire sections ripped off from a British fictional film called

“The Road To Guantanamo”

where actors were playing the role of Al Qaeda.

In 2003 CNN made a report based on forgeries concerning a claim that Iraq was getting uranium from Niger and the DRC,

which later were proven false.

Not only was the story bogus but in their coverage they misplaced Niger on the map of Africa

confusing it with Cameroon.

Later CNN would go on to again screw up basic geography by placing Afghanistan a country the US has been at war with for years,

in Africa.

Just recently CNN screwed up the age of Howard Zinn who they were reporting had died.

It seems that some idiot just wiki-ed the information and reported it wrong since it was also at that time wrong on wikipedia.

No one fact checked and this made it all the way to the news without anyone there noticing.

In 2001 the BBC reported a building that was demolished on September 11th, fell before it had fallen down.

All through Israel’s last attack on Gaza,


[ … which all somehow lead with the same stories

at the top of the hour … ]

reported that Hamas was shooting “missiles” into Israel,

when in reality they weren’t any missiles – only rockets,

[ big difference ]

most of which were homemade.

However no reporting was made on Israel actually using real missiles on Gaza or DU, Cluster bombs, or white phosphorus.

When Georgia started a war with Russia, the press uniformly refused to report it that way.

They instead blamed Russia, without evidence and by denying contrary evidence, for the war.

In the recent 2009 xmas bombing, the media refused to report about the two other men arrested who helped the patsy on a plane or about the man who filmed the whole event.

During the earthquake of Haiti coverage, not one station has mentioned the role of the IMF and why Haiti was in the conditions it was in before the quake.

OJ Simpson’s trial

had more coverage than the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Not one station compared the 9/11 attacks on the WTC to the 1993 attacks on the WTC – instead they compared it to Pearl Harbor.

In 2008, the media openly ignored antiwar candidates for president and would not allow them time to speak in the debates.

FOX wouldn’t even allow Ron Paul to participate in one of its debates despite him having higher numbers in the primaries than the other invited candidates.

No surprise, to me the two zionist chosen were the most warmongering ones, McCain and Obama.

Both of whom went straight to AIPAC the instant they knew they had won the primaries.

Not one TV outlet would run news about the Israeli spies in the DOD, or the spies who were impeding on investigations into terrorist suspects prior to 911.

During the invasion of Iraq, although the rationalization about helping Kurds was tossed around not one news station mentioned that the US supported Turkey in 1997 when they were ethnically cleansing Kurds in record numbers.

The US can bomb another nation like Pakistan of Yemen several times and it won’t make the news at all unless there is some reaction to it towards Americans.

How fascist can a state be when the US can bomb nations and it’s not even newsworthy.

How belligerent and warmongering does a place have to be, to reach a point that bombing another country isn’t big enough news to report on TV?

And perhaps the worst of all.

On September 11th, even with firemen reporting about bombs in the building and secodary explosions inside the building, and even with police finding vans with explosive devices at the base and most of all catching and arresting two sets of vans, one packed with explosives and one that had traced of explosives, with Israelis in them on 911,  even when the false reports about anthrax being transferred from Iraq to Al Qaeda originated by Israeli sources, and even with Israelis living next door to hijackers and a multitude of stolen passports and mistake identities about the suspects, not one mass media outlet would touch any of it.

Live reports were made about the arrests and bombs but after that there was a total whitewash.

More concretely, in regards to the Niger forgeries, the MSM would not even report on them after the fact when they KNEW that the reports were lies. And there STILL hasn’t been coverage of this scandal.

But now over a million Iraqis are dead.

But you can’t report on the war dead.

The pentagon doesn’t even bother to count the enemy killed.

And if you so much as take a picture of a coffin with an American flag on it you would be fired.

It is crucial for one to understand that this isn’t some big conspiracy of silence.

The US essentially has state run media.

The directors are all MIC profiteers and sponsors are pretty much big pharma.

They lie to you.

They do it everyday.



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