Thinking Is Cool Again Here In Iceland


Thinking is cool again here in Iceland, after the Night´s party is over and the Morning light has come with a throbbing headache.

The Icelandic People Scored a Victory in the Struggle for Democracy

But there is still a long way to go.
The referendum for or against taking over the Ice-save debts unconditionally by the Icelandic tax-payer has brought a clear “No” vote with 93.2% of those who voted, while participation of voters in the referendum was at 62,7%.
Publicly both the British government, as well as the IMF, seem to have mellowed in their rhetoric and ready for a compromise in their demands.

However, after everything that has gone on before, I wouldn´t even trust them to tell us the correct time.
The British as well as the banking elites have in the past always followed two tactics at the same time.

They smile and shake hands above board, and then kick those they deem weak and still not submissive enough below the table with spiked boots, while denying any responsibility for the harm they inflict.

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