Televised Election Debate Another Shining Example Of Britain’s Commitment To Democracy


Tim Coles explains why Britain’s first ever televised election debate between the leaders of the three main parties

– stilted, characterized by omissions and obfuscations and pandering to prejudices –

was a meaningless spectacle.

The stage is prepared for Britain?s first televised general election debate at ITV1 studios in Manchester, England.

Britain’s first ever televised debate between its three main parties was lauded by BBC 4’s World News for its democratic integrity (15 April 2010) – apparently, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the British National Party (BNP), the Greens, Respect, the Social Democrats and others, don’t exist in England: hence their leaders were not invited to participate.

The BBC is so committed to democracy that it never aired the debate.

The three parties and their PR people were also so committed to democracy that they ensured that the audience consisted of selected guests, pre-approved questions and controlled – that is, zero – applause.

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