16 Burning Questions About Gulf Oil Spill …

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a national nightmare that seems to have no ending.

Every day new details come out that are even more shocking than what we learned the day before.

The truth is that life will never be the same in the Gulf of Mexico or for those who live along the Gulf coast.

Now Barack Obama has made a big Oval Office speech and has tried to convince all of us that he is in charge of the crisis.

Well, perhaps if he had tried to take decisive action a month ago the American people may have rallied around him.

But right now the BP/government response to this disaster remains completely and totally chaotic.

Nobody seems to be able to stop the leak, and BP has made the environmental nightmare far worse by dumping over a million gallons of highly toxic dispersants into the Gulf.

U.S. government officials are running around holding press conferences and waiting for BP to do something.

Meanwhile oil is pouring ashore and toxic gases are being detected at very alarming levels.

The biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history is also quickly becoming one of the biggest economic disasters and potentially one of the biggest public health disasters.

The truth is that the American people deserve some answers about what in the world is going on down there in the Gulf.

BP does not own the Gulf of Mexico and they have no right to keep the American people from seeing what is happening.

There are some very serious health and environmental questions that have been raised in the media recently, but both BP and the U.S. government are not giving us any answers.

But we need some answers.

People are getting sick.

Crops are dying.

Wildlife is being devastated.

Birds are flocking north by the thousands.

But BP and the U.S. government continue to treat us as though we are on a “need to know” basis and that what we “need to know” is not much.

Actually, much of what they have decided to tell us throughout this crisis has turned out to be lies anyway.

The truth is that it is about darn time that someone started telling it to us straight.

The following are 16 questions about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that we really need some answers to….

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