Why Gulf Oil Disaster is Blessing in Disguise

Why Gulf Oil Disaster is Blessing in Disguise

by Ray Songtree

There are many who look ahead with despair. This is because many see the end to our consumptive way of life coming soon, with a clueless populace unaware of this inevitability. Many see die back as very probable, and they foresee wandering hoards who will destroy the few sustainable efforts which are underway.

Perhaps we have forgotten there is a spiritual dimension to every human being that is more profound than the physical laws that can be described. The Universe is the Mind, and the Mind is the Universe. Both Yogis and Quantum physics agree on this. We have been kept in the dark about this understanding by centuries of mind control, both corporate and religious.

Thankfully, this control is about to be lifted and with unbridled good will and charisma, the brightest side of humanity can come forth.

So let me please present my case why the Gulf Oil Catastrophe may be a blessing in disguise.

Light and dark always coexist. Dark forces need to work hard against light, hiding hiding hiding in shadows. But light comes up within each generation, new and shining. There has been a terrific effort on the part of some people for centuries, call them ‘New World Order’ or ‘the elite’ or the ‘rich and powerful’ or the ‘military-industrial-complex’, or the ‘corporatists’, and they have tried to control human culture and the fate of Earth. Could this be true?

We know they exist and I will give one perfect example that proves it.

The media, our schools, our country never told us about the re-trial of the assassination of Martin Luther King, which happened in 1999 and can be studied at the Martin Luther King Center website.


This 30 day trial with 60 witnesses completely exonerated the innocent James Earl Ray. You didn’t hear about this? Well, none of us did. So why is this not in our history books, on television, in everyone’s awareness? This is just one glaring example, that anyone in the world can understand and study, that proves that our media is controlled, and yes someone is organizing this. This is conspiracy fact.

You can now forever forget the words ‘conspiracy theory’. I have given you absolute proof. And to rub the salt in wound, PBS aired a documentary on the so called killer, James Earl Ray, just last month.

Now that we understand that our media and culture is controlled, we can look at this most recent disaster.

If we do indeed have an uncontrollable hole in the Gulf of Mexico, this will be much worse than Chernobyl as an environmental disaster. The doomers are now arousing their old friend, fear. “This is it! It’s all really going to collapse now!” is what they are thinking. I beg to differ.

With this oil gusher, Nature and Truth will now expose the dark secret forces that hide in shadows, in lies, cheating, and heartless cruelty. The societal demons who have caused us so much harm are about to be brought to justice, and therefore, I am jubilant about this Oil Gusher disaster. I am not happy at the suffering that is coming for millions of people, and finned and winged people too, but as you will read, the silver lining is the birth of a Fair New World.

If the Gulf Oil Gusher continues for months or years, it will be nail in coffin of NWO, but it will not end world order.

For those who fear a sudden crash and starvation, the only way there would be no food on shelves is by design, as USA is huge grain producing nation. Sacks of grain are available in every state, even if they must be taken from feed lots, the food is here. Only by design could a small group hurt a large population, as happened in Haiti, when 10,000 US soldiers magically appeared within 24 hours of the quake. These troops prevented rescue workers from entering many areas, in order to kill as many trapped people as possible. 250,000 actually died in that HAARP created earthquake. This can be studied. https://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=listByCountry&country=Hai… Conspiracy theory? I just proved to you that our news and documentaries are false. Study conspiracy fact. Yes, these monstrous designers exist, but soon they are facing justice.

We are talking now about a Grand Change of designers, a rounding up of the killers of JFK, King, Gulf of Tonkin lie, Waco, Oklahoma bombing, 911 killers, Spain and London subway bombings, Bali bombing, writers of Patriot Act, Codex Alimentarius, Iraq false WMD, Afghan opium, stealing elections, vaccines, chemtrails, Monsanto, lies about Iran, injectable chips, you know the list, and we should be appalled by it, and not resigned. It is a huge horrible list that has been orchestrated in secret. But secrecy is about to be removed.

Because of the Oil Gusher and the rising Truth movement, lying just got unsustainable.

The criminal designers just got confronted by Mother Nature and she will win. The Government and BP and media are still trying to cover up and conceal what is really going on eight weeks into crisis. People are getting sick and even dying from the foul air. And they are being lied to. With this established foundation of lies, all in charge have sealed their fates. Why?

The rage from this disaster will not go away. This is not a temporary anger. It is, itself, a volcano of truth. The rage, quite legitimate, and especially in Spanish, will become deafening. It’s show time for truth.

Swine flu was supposed to deliver martial law. It didn’t, so the New World Order was already out of step and confused this last winter when make believe pandemic failed. Please remember the corrupt WHO passed laws for global compliance for their planned pandemic in 2005. (see my site, www.kauaitruth.com) Swine flu was supposed to deliver martial law but it fizzled. So being out of step already, this Gulf Gusher has taken them by surprise.

If the Oil Gusher is indeed out of control, as expert Matt Simmons says, it means this emergency was not on their calendar. This is the importance of this event.

The Gulf Gusher is being managed and reported by liars who a few days ago, June 24, 2010 refused help from a dozen countries.
Doesn’t this sound like the Burmese military dictators who declined help with their devastating cyclone?

The liars include Obama, who in June 2009 in Cairo, justified Afghan war and invasion of Pakistan based on lies about 911 which he aggressively defended, even saying there was no room for debate about it. (see on youtube, ‘Obama warns not to challenge official story’)

Obama, without discussion with Congress, as required by law, extended the 9/11 National Emergency again on September 10, 2009. You read that correctly. https://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19238

In March 2010 his administration extended martial emergency laws for the hoax swine flu until 2012. https://vactruth.com/2010/03/08/sebelius-hhs-document-extending-the-pande…

For those who have ‘faith’ in Obama, he has lied publicly many times. For those with bleeding hearts, get a grip. A liar is a liar. What can his excuse be when light comes knocking on his door?

We now need to see an Oil Truth Movement coming out of the Southern States which can take the lead in demanding answers about the handling of the Gusher. I can safely predict this will happen. The light of truth is going to find many cracks, and groups of secret liars and managers will be arrested, and they will implicate still more liars. This is a necessary step in transition to a Fair New World and the Oil Gusher is the emergency that will expose them all. The combination of all the truth movements will find the first domino to fall in the Gulf Oil liars, and one domino will knock down the next as the Truth Movement ramps up.

Nothing is permanent in this universe and certainly not the FED. “Where is the $9 Trillion ?” will be a chant. It is a legitimate chant and everyone should join full song. Demonstrations calling for accountability are not empowering the negative. They are exposing the negative. People do need to stand up and say, “We want to be told the truth.” This is how light will prevail.

But the FED is only middle level management. Who controls FED? This will come out too. The final Bilderberg meeting is approaching. Already there are demonstrations against Bilderberg in Europe. The word is out. https://www.bilderberg.org/reports.htm The NWO is getting exposed on all sides by whistle blowers and this is starting to go mainstream in Europe. Why should any nation face austerity measures while still paying interest to the very banks that bankrupted them? NWO has too many lies to cover. Iceland recently declared itself a whistle blower safe house. https://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/6109557-icelandic-parliament-p…

And now we have this Oil Gusher, the final straw, which is much more threatening to “the Bubble of Lies” than it is to environment. This is not end of life, but hopefully, it is the end of the controlled life, as we knew it. Gaia is tough, and even if it takes decades before marshes are again clean, the fish will return. I am not discounting the suffering that is involved. I am saying that this is a battle in a war in which Truth will win. NWO will now be under scrutiny, and their fate is prosecution.

For a government that has not served ‘We the People’ for decades, the Gusher disaster will expose their negligence. If Gusher is truly out of control, then this Katrina won’t go away. They cannot cover this up.

The TV cannot lie to Southerners indefinitely, or it will expose itself as the propaganda mind control instrument it is. The King re-trial lasted only 30 days. The Gulf Disaster may last years. Lying is up against a rock and a hard place. There is no way to wiggle out. The secrecy is up against millions of enraged people who don’t like being lied to. The lies are themselves the evidence of crime. An entire new administration and Congress is about to get elected based on accountability. These are remarkable times.

What many doomers are not realizing is that doom is not going to happen. Transition is going to happen. Teenagers will pull through because they are flexible, and they will be positive because they want to live. And we, their elders, need to step up and help them. No one is an island now. There is no place to hide in woods with your rifle or bow and survive for more than a season. Our choice is to be criminals and steal from others, or be producers as part of a local community. Yes, capitalism, based on false idea of infinite growth, is about to end, and yes there will be shortages and fear, but this isn’t doom, it is the pains of rebirth.

Some are concerned that there can be no recovery because there are no net positive energy alternatives that can replace the sheer power and former quantity of fossil fuels. This may be true, as far as supporting our wasteful consumptive shop-till-you-drop lifestyle.

Yes, the publicly known alternatives are not as powerful as fossil fuels nor as cheap, but they offer the transition technology we need now, as I will explain.

As revealed by www.disclosureproject.org/ the USA Military is sitting on high tech which is based on vacuum exploring physics, Tesla stuff and more, and is utterly top top secret, and this new tech has answers like zero point energy and over unity devices. There is a Yahoo group, (recently moved to https://overunity.com ) with over 2000 members exploring over unity devices, and for those of you who are stuck in the obsolete three laws of thermodynamics, you are being kept, as flat earth thinkers, by “national security” secrecy. The Disclosure Project revealed the real science kept secret on this planet.

US military has functional craft and engines based on this new physics. This will come out, and guaranteed, this will be the clean source of energy in future. At this time, this next decade, we need any and all energy alternatives as transitional, to offset a steep downside slope of Peak Oil, because it will take time for the new physics tech to come on line. And of course, this won’t happen until the Truth Movement arrests and replaces the current leadership of world.

Looking ahead, we can foresee that most young urban peoples will relocate to rural areas, as city life gets more and more strained by resource depletion. As all students of our predicament know, all resources are in decline, not just fossil fuels. Cheap oil created the cities, and oil will become increasingly unaffordable as the Gusher is showing us. So the cities will become less and less attractive. People will move.

Touching the Earth is a big part of the Golden Age that is dawning, and, along with an appreciation of the local and simple, there will be high tech communication and sciences unimagined.

NWO is not monolithic, but it is based on a monolithic mind set that nature is here for us to control, and we can control it. Gulf Gusher just kicked our butts, and this is good and very humbling for humanity. The Mayor of LA just publicly endorsed “End of Oil” consciousness with his arm around Louisiana born Josh Tickell, maker of the alternative movie ‘Fuel’ https://thefuelfilm.com/. The good will of people is rising. We are awakening and standing up.

The cup is always half full. The sun also rises. It is a very hopeful time. Patriot movement is on the go. Richard Gage of Architects for 911 Truth (www.ae911truth.org/ ) has produced indisputable proof.

It is important to feed the rising tide of honesty, accountability, sanity, and responsibility and be a transition supporting person who is part of a positive effort, rather than only praying, or sitting at a computer, jumping on every move by NWO and thinking someone else has the power.

The reason concentration camps in Nazi Germany were kept secret is that the average soldier had no stomach for killing and was unable to continue doing it. Soldiers are trained, but they are human. They will turn coat, drop their uniforms, or even defend the crowd. www.Oathkeepers.org is a righteous force.

The future is very hopeful, and the concentration of evil power is like a self set trap with a noose tightening, not around humanity, but around a more and more vulnerable and concentrated elite.

And now the perfect storm is here to capture them.

All things must pass. It is crunch time for lying.

Transition means creating a buzz about transition. We can all do that. There is not enough discussion of organic gardening among politically conscious people or spiritually conscious people or scientists. We need to get our hands dirty. There is not enough discussion of working together. To respond to this call, look to your direct neighbors. I am serious.

The Golden Age is very near. We start by meditating with eyes closed, then partly open, then wide open.

Ray Songtree
Dalian, China
The biggest obstacle to positive change is our reluctance to question
the status quo. We see this in all fields. But our lifestyle is truly
unsustainable, so questioning the status quo is the most appropriate
response to an untenable situation. We must ask why the solar panels
were taken off White House by Reagan? As we ask that, we immediately understand
that the obstacle to positive change and survival is the repression of appropriate questions.
Until we remove that repression, humanity cannot shine. Thus, we are compelled to become
politically active and ask questions. Loudly. – Ray Songtree

Ray Songtree

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