9/11 Analysis DVD


9/11 Analysis is a compilation of short analysis videos I have produced and uploaded to the internet over the last few years, woven together with an interpretive narrative.

The individual short pieces arose one-by-one as measurements were made and insights developed, but together they constitute a coherent body of work:

the total destruction of the three most prominent buildings of the World Trade Center as seen through the eyes of a physics teacher and concerned citizen.

Shown here is the concluding narrative, an appeal to take the events of 9/11 seriously, even as the events of 9/11 seem to fade into the distance.

The wars of 9/11 continue.

The justification of torture, the loss of civil rights, the overturning of over two centuries of democratic tradition, and the demonization of a major segment of humanity under the guise of “terrorism” are continuing legacies of 9/11.

The full version will be available soon on DVD.

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