Source: abc.net.au So much of the analysis of how we respond to climate change assumes that economic growth and emissions reduction are compatible goals. But is this wishful thinking? To question maximising economic growth as an organising principle of society seems close to economic heresy. Enter Tim Jackson, a professor […]

Source: floridaoilspilllaw.com [youtube]X1mI-DJII1U[/youtube] Rush Transcript Excerpt Susan Shaw, Marine Toxicologist: If I can tell you what happens — because i was in the oil — to people… Shrimpers throwing their nets into water… [then] water from the nets splashed on his skin. … [He experienced a] headache that lasted 3 […]

For those of you (you know who you are) who have trouble imagining a reason for what are commonly called ‘chemtrails’ … perhaps this might throw some light on its possible uses. Its interesting to note  that when there is a heat wave in the northern hemisphere its because of […]

Source: https://www.sott.net/articles/show/211761-Hillary-Clinton-s-Latest-Lies The BBC reported on July 4 that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US ballistic missile base in Poland was not directed at Russia. The purpose of the base, she said, is to protect Poland from the Iranian threat. Why would Iran be a threat […]