Israelis dump toxic waste over vital water supply for the region



UK, July 25, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) Israelis waste that is disposed of in the landfill at Abu Dis (the West Bank), which is under Palestinian territorial authority is in contradiction to international law which prohibits the transport and disposal of wastes across borders without mutual consent. Moreover, the landfill is near capacity, and additional landfill sites are still undesignated. This fact further emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive solid waste policy for the area (Solid Waste Management Policy in the Jerusalem District – September 2008)

An Israeli company – The Ma’ale Adumim Planning and Development Company Ltd has been managing the Abu Dis landfill, near the neighborhood of Abu Dis, since 1998. The site receives waste from Jerusalem and the surrounding localities. The 430-dunam site receives huge amounts of waste every day, from Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim and the surrounding localities. This same company is also vigorously selling off industrial land development which also sits over the top of the water aquifers that are so vital to the region. The combination of the landfill site and industrial development over such a precious resource will have devastating effects on the population. When both landfill waste and industrial run off are added together the toxic plumes that radiate out from such locations will not only contaminate the public water supply but will also eventually be picked up by submersible pumps that water vast tracts of agricultural land.

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