Corporate Criminals At Work

General Motors built the factory that built the tanks the Nazis used to overrun Europe.

When the money was allocated ($100 million) it was called a “truck factory.”

(Strange that GM had no money for investment in Depression-era US …)

After the war, GM did make a big “investment” in US transportation infrastructure …

they bought up and destroyed the entire US light rail system from LA to NY.

True story.


You know, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if General Motors did go out of business.

What has the destruction of the nation’s street car system cost the country?

A trillion dollars? Ten trillion dollars?

You’d have to add up all the oil consumed that didn’t have to be,

all the environmental diseases that didn’t need to happen,

and all the economic constraints on poor and low income people that didn’t need to be.

Then there are the quality of life issues which are incalculable.

Go to super-prosperous cities like Basel and Zurich in Switzerland and you’ll see they excellent street car systems

– just like we used to have in the US.


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