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“White Nosed Syndrome is a fungus that may be killing bats in the NE and its spreading rapidly. Why bats die is unknown. The fungus seems to be cold loving and attacking bats in their hibernaculum. It appears that the bats die from dehydration and being undernourished. We know that bats awaken during their winter hibernation several times, this consumes a lot of energy and stored body fat. Somehow, the bats are not able to recover. How the fungus is associated is unknown, but scientists are working on it. First cases were found in Albany, NY in 2006.”

“It absolutely reminds me of the bee issue. We lost all the bats that frequented our yard. We routinely had 14 bats each and every night. Last two years, we’ve had only 1 on occasion. The PBS show I watched a week or so ago, indicated bees are dying from malnutrition. Bats with WNS seem to have the same or similar symptoms.” – cjacustomwoodworking

A new documentary by Producer/Director James Ford Nussbaum following the latest developments of White Nose Syndrome, a deadly fungus that has been killing off over 90% of the northeastern seaboard bat populations first detected in New York State in 2006 and working its way down the coast and into southern states. Although the causes and remedies are still under question, the film will follow a team of scientists, naturalists, and students who are on a crusade to bring about more public knowledge of this disease and its effects on bats and their natural habitat in caves and mines—hoping to save bats while helping to preserve their homes along the way—“leaving nothing but footprints—killing nothing but time”. Available 2010. – jamesnussbaum
Currently in production.

I look forward to seeing the film. Thanks for working to create such an important film. I feel much grief over the loss of these gentle creatures who give so much to the health and safety of the planet. I think man has gone too far in the destruction of Earth & it’s inhabitants to turn back. All pollinators are dying; bees, butterflies, birds now bats.
The future will be perilously different than humans can imagine when entire life giving systems like natural pollination have vanished.
– onejoe2

The Battle for Bats

A Million Bats Dead from Mysterious Disease

“Three years ago, a few hundred bats were found dead in hibernating caves in the (northeastern) state of New York. The event barely registered for some scientists. By the following winter, the death toll had risen to a few thousand bats, sparking concern among some experts. This year, the death toll could near a million, and has set off an alarm among scientists and farmers. The dramatic reduction in the bat population and its potential extinction could have extensive health, economic and environmental effects. Producer Zulima Palacio has the story. Carol Pearson narrates.” – VOAvideo

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