Secretly Chipped Man Has Removal Surgery


“The federal government has stood by as officials who approved torture and degrading treatment have stood above the law, escaping even investigation into their actions. This impunity for potential human rights abuses harms our national values, and our interests.” ~ People’s Campaign for the Constitution


Secretly and forcibly RFID implanted inventor James Walbert has found at least some relief upon learning that two days before Human Rights Day 2010, another inventor, Bob Boyce, successfully had a second secretly implanted RFID chip surgically removed, although the chip was embedded in a Verichip-induced cancerous tumor. An untold number of people, many of whom are Targeted Individuals, have been implanted without their knowledge or consent and suffer the resultant effects.

Wednesday, Bob Boyce had surgery in a hospital to remove his second implant. The operation was successful.

Walbert is the Wichita, Kansas man brain chipped without his consent that this writer reported in the 4-part series, “Secretly forced brain implanted man” including:

“Secretly forced brain implants Pt 1: Explosive court case” (…)
“Secretly forced brain implants Pt II: MRI scan image and reports” (…) *
“Secretly forced brain implants Pt III: Ex-SS, FBI contractor defends targets” (…)
“Secretly forced brain implants Pt IV: Intel expert on doctors, children, military research” (…)

In today’s arena of political repression, it is tough for people like Boyce, Walbert and other Targeted Individuals to find legal representation, investigative support, and a surgeon to remove a chip and document its removal. Boyce accomplished the removal and pictorial documentation of the removal and the cancerous tumor in the same area. (See slide-show below.)

Walbert’s has achieved a court order for his perpetrator to halt the abuse, but the abuse continued and his suffering and health decline will continue until his chips are surgically removed.

Both Walbert and Boyce battle to survive ongoing, slow-kill injuries inflicted by RFID implants that are too often mistakenly thought to be for surveillance purposes, not for covert torture and murder.

Walbert heads to federal court with his case, likely to be equally explosive as his first court case, partially because Walbert will present proof of forcibly brain implanted and implanted elsewhere in his body for technological abuse and slow-kill.

No figment of imagination

Since law enforcement typically stands down from duty to protect victims of electronically abused victims, it is justifiably believed that this treatment of Targeted Individuals is part of the rogue U.S. government program, well hidden by media and other complicit bodies, a perfect crime, with CIA-Nazi origination. Many health professions, however, attribute the crime to a figment of the imagination, “delusion.”

Former U.S. Marine Corps Criminal Investigator, Secret Service and FBI Intelligence contractor plus recognized expert with assets in Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM), William (“Bill”) J. Taylor, private investigator is advocating for Walbert, as he has for hundreds of other Targeted Individuals.

Taylor has no time for figments of imagination. He has served as Chief Investigator of the Karen Silkwood Targeted Individual case (see Youtube below), the Iran Contra and 3-Mile Island investigations. Before those, he was the Marine investigator who exposed and helped end the infamous Phoenix Program in Vietnam to name only a few major investigations he led and leads, Taylor’s cases have been depicted in books such as “Who Killed Karen Silkwood?”, “The Phoenix Program,” and “The Great American Mail Fraud Trial.”

In this writer’s recent phone interview with Taylor, he revealed the darkest of all the evil ‘war on terror” corners: the Phoenix Program come home to roost and resulting civilian casualties in the U.S. domestic terror campaign, Targeted Individuals. (See: “What are the frequently asked questions and answers about Targeted Individuals?” Dupré, D., Examiner)

“The greatest” American civilians, in their homes and communities, are being remotely neutralized with military grade weaponry under guise of the “war on terror” according to Taylor. (Also see: Dupre, D. Obama targeted individual assassination program includes Americans, Examiner, April 8, 2010)

Taylor has highlighted the Nazi influence of this program implemented in the U.S. through related Nazi-CIA non-consensual human experimentation in the U.S., further referring this writer on Wednesday to the article, “Operation Paperclip – CIA’s Denial of Protecting Nazis is Blatant Lie” by Hank P. Albarelli Jr. (See:

For “Pure Energy Systems News,” Sterling Adam reports that Bob Boyce, inventor of ultra-efficient electrolysis systems and a self-charging battery circuit (harnessing energy from the environment, possibly from zero point energy), contracted terminal cancer originating from the implanted VeriChip microchip in his right shoulder without his knowledge or permission. (“Bob Boyce’s un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed,” Adam. S., Pure Energy Systems, Dec. 8, 2010, Online:

Boyce had one chip removed, an X-ray showed another one, deeper, that he’s lived with it for a year. Adam reports that Boyce finally had the second chip removed Wednesday at Fannin Regional Hospital in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

“The Fannin surgical staff took photos as the chip was removed from the tissue and placed in a specimen container, labeled “foreign body,”and sealed by the surgeon. The blue color of the tissue is from a dye that was injected to mark cancerous cells. Such chips have been documented to sometimes instigate tumors where they are implanted (ref), as was the case with Boyce (ref).” (Adam)

Boyce posted photos of the process on his website on which he sates, “Some have said that this VeriChip was a figment of my imagination. Well, this “imaginary” VeriChip removal was documented on film by surgical staff.”

Thursday, James Walbert stated, “Boyce’s case will validate my claims 100%.”

“Wow. That’s another inventor that has has the same crime happen to him. Now he has cancer and is dying due to the chips. Mine have been there for a very long time now,” Walbert told Dupré.

Boyce noticed his first chip early April, 2009 while working with former associate, Bob Potchen, of Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI), now “The Cell“ having met in July of 2008.

“Potchen, formerly with NSA, was implementing Boyce’s hydroxy gas booster technology into a product to take to market. Their relationship had been growing tense, and Boyce was preparing to depart,” writes Adam, describing a similar account to that of James Walbert, his business and his business colleague.

Walbert and most other secretly chipped Targeted Individuals contacting this writer, emailing their x-rays evidencing their RFID chips, report awakening in their beds with blood in the ear or on the forehead, later learning those were entry points for their covert in-home implant surgery. “Unless implanted voluntarily, micro-chipped subjects cannot recollect the implanting procedure according to Taylor.” (Dupré, Secretly forced brain implants, Part IV)

In Boyce’s case, Adam reports Boyce fell asleep at his office desk after drinking a “refreshment” his colleague, Potchen provided.

“When he awoke, his right shoulder felt like it had been numbed; and when he rubbed it, he noticed a small, hard lump there.”

Slow-kill cancer by radiation

In his own lab, Boyce noticed his shoulder “transmitting” RF radiation.

Walbert told Dupré on Friday, “Now three doctors are siting neurological and pathological damages to my body. I feel it, it’s damaging me more everyday. The nervous system seems really damaged.

As previously note by this author, the covert RFID implantation is a means to not only covertly harass, but also to covert torture in what is described as a virtual prison.

“I shake when the implants are stimulated,” Walbert explains as other Targeted Individuals do.

Because RFID chips electronically weaken the human immune system, “a common cold turns into a ridiculous onslaught to battle against,” Walbert stated Thursday.

Besides documented damages reported in the 4-Part series on Walbert, he says that after his devices are removed, he thinks he should be able to get back to a normal life.

“The greatest concern of course is cancer around the areas of placement, just as the victim, Bob Boyce has experienced,” said Walbert, also worried about his investors and their families.

“They’re private people and didn’t deserve this to happen to they’re private lives. They have children that have been violated as well as their lives invaded privacy destroyed. Intellectual investments have been delayed by over 5 years now.”

Walbert and his team of private investigators and health advocates are urgently seeking legal representation for his federal case.

* Author Note 1: Unlike the url suggests, this author is not an Examiner Tea-party-reporter nor associated with the Tea-party.
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