By Justin Thyme (NZ)
8 February 2011.

· The gain is incalculable greed and enormous profits for the super rich – none of whom at all live in New Zealand.· Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR) is well advanced in its plans now to develop the iron-sands. · The company is working and talking with the Maori tribes about the projects – now!

· The withdrawing of NZ’s Foreshore and Seabed Act is to be in March 2011. Theintention is to replace it with the Common Marine and Coastal Area Bill which is tobecome an Act in March 2011. · The new Common Marine and Coastal Area Bill proposes to “fast-track” the repeal of Crown ownership (on behalf of the nation) of the country’s foreshore and seabed out to the 200-mile EEZ limit and “privatize” it to Maori tribes.

· It is an incredibly deceptive method to TRANSFER the whole ofAotearoa’s inalienable rights over precious national resources, TO greedynon-living foreign-owned banks and mining companies.

FIRSTLY, the resources are to be handed back to the indigenous Maori people.

SECONDLY, selected elders will then be bribed by a relative pittance, tosecretly sell off the nation’s most precious “family silver” for a “penny” to the highest foreign bidder – while the public will have no say in the transaction at all.2·

Just one successful iron ore project could earn up to $7 billion a year at current forex rates, enough to halve New Zealand’s balance of payments deficit.”

· This is why there is a massive race on secretly behind the scenes to “privatize” New Zealand’s foreshore and seabed! · Was the Pike River tragedy all about giant foreign companies and banksgrabbing the nation’s rich mineral resources and overturning public resistance to opencast mining, particularly coal mining in Westland, because some of that high quality coking coal is planned to be used for the proposed new hi-tech steel mill in the North Island in the future?

How do they do it?
1875 N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London provided most of the early funding for the New Zealand Government with Loan # 000/401C/16 1875.1988, a City of London Jew, Oliver Letwin, at the time head of N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd International Privatization Unit (that is now the control centre of the world privatization process in every country) wrote “Privatizing the World.” This is the chief hand-book being used by all international banks and central and local government treasury departments to“privatize” all state assets, including many government departments, in each country. The Banksters exploit both robotically compliant politicians and the apathyof the general public! Their aim, by end 2012, is to, privately own the whole world! – everything! This includes “all” the assets in every country – including national conservation parks, the foreshore and seashore!!!! It includes even schools, hospitals, social welfare, prisons, police, roads – you name it.What they want is everything!

PREVIOUS EXAMPLES:The Australian Government handed a former cattle station and land back to the indigenous Aboriginal clans in an area. One of the clans, the Ngapa clan, was effectively bribed by Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson (his counterpart in New Zealand is Minister of Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee) representing the Government and paid $A12 million.Most of it was paid in cash, in a secret agreement to allow a nuclear dump to be built on their land. The land, now out of Crown control, became vulnerable to a private sale agreement.

The public of Australia therefore had NO SAY so Russia now controls what will be a huge nuclear reprocessing facility and waste dump in Australia against overwhelming public opposition. All of Russia’s and Europe’s most deadly radioactive material and potentially stillexplosive nuclear waste.

By the same process, Fiji lost a valuable outer island very rich gold deposit in the ‘80’s to the same mining oligarchs who bribed ignorant village headmen with a pittance to sell the resource of future generations at a horrendous loss to the nation. By way of a coup, thecurrent military government were forced to protect their nation’s resources for the sake of the generations yet to come.

SO WHERE DOES PIKE RIVER COAL MINE TRAGEDY FIT IN?At current prices, the Pike River mine coal seam alone was worth about $NZ4 billion. article listed on Straterra’s website taken from the Otago Daily Times 15 November, 2010, explained: “…Around 9 billion tonnes of NZ lignite can be recovered, with an energy content of around 40 Maui gas fields. At likely future prices, this resource could be worth$3 trillion. That’s just lignite coal…” So the Pike River Tragedy is to be used to convince the public that National Parks are to be mined by cheaper, more efficient opencast methods, purely for the benefit of the selfish few at the top of the global pyramid in London’s ‘Queen In Right’ Committee of 300.Geoffrey Louden is also the Chairman and a Non Executive Director of Nautilus Minerals, based in Canada with operations offices in Brisbane Australia, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea and Nuku’alofa Tonga. The company holds tenements in territorial waters andExclusive Economic Zones of Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Zealand for a total area of about 524,000 sq. km.

The company’s largest cornerstone shareholders are three of the world’s largest resource companies, including·         Anglo American (11.1%),·         Teck Resources (6.8%) and·         Gazmetall Holding (Cypruss) Ltd (21%).The giant global mining company Anglo American, based in London, is controlled by JP Morgan, the Oppenheimer and Rothschild banking syndicates. It had a market capitalization at June 2009of around $US25 billion.

Teck Resources is another London-controlled mining company based in Vancouver, Canada.

Gazmetall is a subsidiary of the giant Metalloinvest Group, one of Russia’s largest iron ore producers funded by Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, MerrillLynch, Credit Suisse and the Russian bank VTB Capital.

L & M Energy Ltd is also partly owned by a secret subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand Central Securities Depository Ltd.See: on: “owns other companies”) to see what other companies are secretly owned as well.So once again, it is the foreign international banking pirates that are really in control – not Mr. Geoffrey Louden living in Queenstown!

FOREIGN BANKER’S TAKEOVER OF NEW ZEALAND!At present the Government is borrowing in excess of $NZ300 million a week or in excess of $15 billion a year simply to keep the ship afloat. Obviously this cannot continue for much longer. Apart from the unanticipated expenditure covering the Christchurch Earthquake,Government spending is now simply entirely out of control – and it is being done deliberately by senior Government, Treasury and Reserve Bank officials – who are acting on behalf of foreign banking masters. (refer DVD entitled “Someone Else’s Country,”

The idea is to first almost “bankrupt” the country soon (problem) – then quickly introduce severe “austerity measures” on the general masses which will create a “violent response” (reaction) – and in response to this, come up with the “only real practical answer” (solution)– is the need to “privatize” all the remaining national state assets, Crown “family silver” and sell-off the whole country to the highest bidder (to the foreign bankers themselves of course)and in the process allow their mining companies to come in and almost unrestrictedly mine the prime conservation national park areas, foreshores and sea-beds throughout the entire country.

By 2011/2012, New Zealand as a nation will be paying more on interest ($43.29 billion) to the foreign banksters who own the NZ Oil and Gas controlling shares in Pike River Coal Ltd, than the Government is currently spending on Health, Social Welfare, Education andSuperannuation combined! ($42.8 billion)


SOME OF AOTEAROA’S RESOURCES· Pike River Coal Ltd, West Coast South Island. An estimate in excess of 58 milliontonnes of coal reserves. At current prices, the Pike River mine coal seam alone wasworth about $NZ4 billion.[A further 7,000 hectares of national reserve is targeted for open cast mining.]· 22 March 2010. On jointly releasing the discussion paper with Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson, Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee said; “Our mineral resources, even excluding coal and other hydrocarbon-based minerals, are estimated to be worth approximately $194 billion. The government is interested in extraction ofgold, silver, gemstones and rare earth minerals such as dysprosium, terbium, erbium and ytterbium, which are used in technologies such as hybrid and electric cars, wind turbines, computer disc drives, fiber-optic telecommunication cables, low- energy light bulbs and military equipment.”

· 23 August 2010. The National Business Review of, Glass Earth Gold Ltd (of whichJohn Dow is Non Executive Chairman) confirmed gold deposits potentially worth$NZ20 billion in the WKP prospect in Waihi, a joint venture with Newmont Mining Corporation. 128762

· 15 November, 2010. Straterra’s website quoted from the Otago Daily Times, entitled, Year of silly advice on climate change explained: “…There are around 9 billion tonnes of lignite (coal) that can be recovered, with an energy content of around 40 Maui gas fields. At likely future prices, this resource could be worth $3 trillion.That’s just lignite coal…”

· A giant steel mill, for the recovery of iron, vanadium, and titanium is to be built byTrans-Tasman Resources Ltd in Aotearoa’s North Island to exploit massive high quality iron-sands along hundreds of kilometres of the North Island’s west coast beaches. The West Coast contains hundreds of billions of dollars worth of the most concentrated most valuable, high quality titanium / vanadium / iron sands in theworld. This untapped wealth is simply staggering. Drilling tests in the sea show the iron-sands are located in easily dredgeable shallow waters up to 30 meters deep. The highest concentrations are typically close to the surface and the sands generally go down 40 meters under the seabed and cover thousands of square kilometres.

The value of this precious resource is now almost incalculable!

Justin Thyme (NZ)

Global Researcher / Author 7 868 11 83 – 021 1690 305C/- PO Box 218Thames 3540New Zealand


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