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All Lab Tests to Date: Results & Fact Sheet on Chemtrails/Geoengineering by Francis Mangels

Chemtrail photos in a Mt. Shasta, CA backyard.

by Francis Mangels; BIO for Francis:

Here’s a fact sheet to spread around. Short and to the points…..

GEOENGINEERING CONTRAILS — What we know as of 1/11/11. Pages 1/3.
— Call Francis if questions, 530-926-0311

This is the summary of lab reports, photo/objective evidence, logic, and personal observation as a scientist. No blogger opinion, hearsay, or gossip is allowed.


A lined pond near Redding has about 375,000 ug/l of aluminum.

Sugar Pine Canyon Cr. near Redding, CA has over 4,600,000 ug/l of aluminum in two tests, upper and lower areas of the watershed.

Muddy pond water in Mt Shasta has 12,000 mg/kg of aluminum.

Shastice park (in Mt. Shasta City) water has 1540 ug/l of aluminum.

National Weather Service plastic rain gage on a 7’ pole in Mt. Shasta shows 500-1010 ug/l aluminum, with highest amounts after a heavy contrail week. With no contrails, it drops to about 30-50 ug/l aluminum in the rain at several stations.

Latest finding is 504 ug/l in rain gauges as of 11/03/10, with moderate chemtrails.

Snowdrift near McCloud on Mt Shasta at 8000’ has 61,100 ug/l aluminum, 83 of barium, and 383 of strontium. No historical record of these elements.

Strontium and barium are always found with high amounts of aluminum in water tests and soils outside. This combination is in Welsbach geo-engineering patents.

Lab reports during a storm range from about 1 to 30 with no spraying to 1010 ug/l of aluminum (series of light rains), always correlated positively to jet spraying.

Many samples were taken by a trained federal biologist with water sampling experience and MS degree in water-related subjects. His samples showed a direct relationship to contrail density. More contrails, higher Al, Ba, and Sr in water.

The Mt. Shasta city public water report in 2010 indicates that aluminum, barium, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and strontium are not found in city tap water.

Soils in Mt. Shasta area now have over 1% or 10,000 mg/kg of aluminum. No historical data indicates previous presence. Some would geologically be expected.

Aluminum, strontium, and barium are not historically documented as minerals in soils of northern CA (1983 USDA Soil of Siskiyou County Central).

Soil outside is 3000 mg/kg higher in aluminum, also Ba, Sr, than soil under house.
Contamination is unlikely because the jars used are clean glass or official water sampling bottles washed with known clean tap water. Samples taken by unskilled may have variances under 1 ug/l. Results always follow contrail density.
Soils contain 6 mg/kg of lead. You can’t practically eliminate metals from soil.


The natural pH of rain or snow by the text is 5.6. When contrails have not been active for many days, 5.6 pH is widely measured. When contrails were very active, the rain/snow was pH 6.8. The pH can be anywhere in between with moderate contrail activity. These numbers have been simultaneously confirmed between Mt. Shasta, Redding and other cities. The pH is directly and widespread related to contrail pre-storm front spraying. Over 200 tests made.

Normal acidity for Mt. Shasta area Deetz 125, 126 soils, a habitat of acidic black oak and/or mixed conifer forest, is 4.5-6.0. About 5.5 pH or less is normal for Deetz black oak or coniferous forests. Now it is 6.5-7.0 pH, in 200 samples.

About ten samples were taken by meter in McCloud, CA of yards, forest, and gardens. They ranged from 7.0 to 8.5, or un-naturally alkaline.

The Mangels organic garden in Mt. Shasta was 5.5 pH in 2003, tested by a store kit. It is now 6.8, using both Hydrion narrow range pH papers and kits. Treatment with light elemental sulfur did not change pH. The garden is composted with black oak leaves, acorns, and ponderosa pine needles mixed with lawn grass and other leaves. Soil is now well over 10 times more alkaline.

Coniferous Douglas fir forest north of Redding, CA was tested by USDA Soils specialist Jim Collins at 7.4 pH. He said it should be 5.5 for the soil.

Having pH increase in compost/soil is definitely partly due to more Al2O3, SrO, and BaO, which appeared in soil during Bush years 2000-2008 and continues. More aluminum, strontium, and Barium cations added, the more basic the soil. Al(OH)3 may be in as a buffering agent, we don’t know.

Garden production declined for acid-soil-loving vegetables; potatoes, tomatoes.
Some metallic cations are toxic to biological systems, and could explain loss of aquatic insect populations measured by Mangels. Insects are 10% of normal numbers in headwater streams, but not below springs. Natural variations occur, but such change should not be a 90% loss, particularly loss of diptera that live in sediment deposits in the streams, where metals would accumulate.

The three oxides are not from China. Testing at Mt. Rainier verified it. Mercury with Chinese “coal signatures” was found there, but not detected in local soils.

The three cations in question cause endocrine and enzyme malfunction. They are the basis for prion diseases, such as “mad cow.” Sufficient evidence indicates correlation with neurological, lung, and bone problems, particularly in children as autism and in elders as Alzheimer’s syndrome.

Over 200 pH hydrion tests have been made, with very consistent results.
A lady’s four pet dogs refuse to drink rain/snow water, but will drink tap water. Similarly, neural, skin, lung, cancer, or endocrine problems are reported in cats (meticulous groomers), dogs, and horses (drink pond water, troughs).
We also have this increase of disease in people, from 1/10,000 to 1/112.

Jets at the proper angle can be viewed with spotting scopes, telescopes, or very good binoculars. Contrail jets have few side windows, or side/tail/belly pods, indicating a military kc135, kc434, or contract jet. Retired officers confirmed it.

In 1950s to 1990s, a jet that actually left a contrail had one maybe a finger-length long, or about 20 degrees long at most, and commercial jets still do. Many jets left no contrail. Today 90% of the jets leave contrails that last 10-20 hours.

Some contrails are multicolored, often the middle streak being bright shiny blue, brown or dark gray, the outside white. Sometimes they are all one color.

Many photographs show jet trails crossing at right angles, or making curves, serpentines, or circles. I have seen the same tic-tac-toe, curvy, circular, and grid work pattern of contrails. Commercial jets fly straight. Since there are no east/west commercial flights over N. California according to FAA, it’s military.

Counting all trails in every direction over Mt. Shasta, the FAA indicates there can’t be that many flights per day. The number has been as high as over thirty contrails at once, and I have counted over 100 just before weather fronts.

Commercial jets do not suddenly increase their flight schedules in front of an approaching weather front. Typically heavy spraying days are just before weather fronts come in from the Pacific. This is military jet behavior.

Contrail jets sometimes fly at night, but most active dawn to dusk. Commercial jets at night when it is colder do not leave persistent contrails.

Some jet contrails describe a large 180 degree turn, or a circle, and go back. Commercial jets seldom do this, so it’s military/government contract.

Some jets emit a ball of smoke over 5 degrees in diameter, and then the contrail begins. This sort of contrail display is impossible under natural conditions. If it were a lens of cold air, it would not be a ball, and would fade in or out.

Some contrails appear to have particulate matter streaming down out of them, much like fireworks displays, leaving trails of smoke as the particles descend.
Some contrails converge to a point, often over Mt. Shasta, then re-align, cross, curve, or radiate out from the mountain. This is no commercial flight pattern.

Before 2000, skies were typically a deep blue. Now skies have typically whitish haze or gray-brown blue, and the old true blue is unusual due to pollutants.

Republican congressmen claim contrails are a hoax. The loudest right-wing militarists and pro-pollutionists are very conservative, like Wally Herger.

Many local anecdotes and forest service personnel indicate lightning storms are particularly more violent after jet spraying occurs. The width and number of lightning bolts are also reported as larger after spraying. I have seen this.

Heat of condensation in physics indicates micron-sized particles reduce rainfall. Historically, silver iodide attempts also fail 95% of the time, as with jet spraying particulate. Contrail effects have not been measured, but California is in a drought since spraying began, with serious agricultural declines.

Contrail composition measured in rainfall is the same as indicated in the San Diego conference and in Welsbach or geo-engineering patents used by military.
Geo-engineers at the Feb. 20 meeting in San Diego admitted on camera that the proposed spraying may have terrible consequences. They did not know (D. Keith).

The military admits that “engine erosion” may be the source of some metals in the contrails, but won’t say what metals or which engines (secret).

Breathing and lung problems increase after spraying, esp. elderly and children.
Solar collection panel efficiency remarkably decreases with contrail spraying, robbing investors of their just share of solar electric power up to 50%.

The weather lady remarked on channel 12 on 11/24/10 that the contrails are really spraying so we know a change in the weather is coming. People notice this.

At the showing of “What in the World Are They Spraying” in Redding 12/10 a full panel of medical, ex-military, solar experts, and scientists affirmed the above information before 504 people. See for a 10 minute trailer, and a shortened version to come out in 2011.

This list will be revised as new and reliable observations and data is available. Note 1/11/11 date of revision. Ph. 530-926-0311 to contact Francis Mangels.

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  1. A couple years ago during his lecture at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland Oregon, Mr. Mengels said that his most recent testing for aluminum concentrations under his house was now higher concentrations than the soil outside. He was not sure why this was but suggested it may have been due to leaching from rains outside +/or something else. Can he make that data available? And for the lab companies that did the tests, can I have their contact information. I’d like to speak with the technicians about the sampling methods and how to best interpret of the data.

    1. Hi Nick.
      as you can see, this item is now ten years old!
      I have no personal connection to Mengels, so all I can suggest to you is contacting him at the number listed in the article, or follow up on the internet. It’s surprisingly easy to track people down in this day and age!
      When I have time I’ll follow up and see if I can find this guy myself.

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