World Trade Centre 7 Was Imploded

WTC7 on 911 was a controlled demolition.
Please watch these videos – ask yourself if you haven’t already –
why is this important information absent from our mainstream media.
The only explanation I can fathom is that they are not allowed to put it up on TV
because the public would become enraged and demand justice.

It would also open up quite a can of worms regarding the wars we are mired in.

The sad truth is that we must face this dark moment in our recent history

if we are to heal our nation.

The families of the victims deserve justice.

The firefighters deserve justice.

The criminals must be brought to justice.

This gentleman used to work at “Controlled Demolitions” – listen to his reasoning –
he knew from “day one” that this was a controlled event – and that you would hear a series of explosions…


This gentleman describes what he heard as the buildings collapsed-a series of explosions:


…and this guy says they “pulled it”


Your TV won’t tell you the truth on this matter – that’s for sure.
Accepting the reality of the events of 911 – that we were horribly lied to – will be up to you.


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Sun Apr 3 , 2011

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