How To “Improve” [Increase] “Immunisation” [Vaccination] Rates in New Zealand.

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This is the report of the Health Select Committee hearing evidence on how to “improve” [increase] “immunisation” [vaccination] rates in New Zealand.

Download PDF: DBSCH_SCR_5060_Inquiryintohowtoimprovecompletion

Jonathan Eisen and I (among many other intelligent and well informed people) appeared before this committee and contributed evidence of the harm caused by vaccination in the faint hope that the members of the committee would realise that increasing vaccination rates is likely to cause a deterioration in the health of New Zealand children. However, the committee (under the leadership of Dr Paul Hutchison) has produced a report that not only recommends raising the targeted vaccination rate but potentially penalising parents by linking “existing parental benefits” to vaccination, as well as attendance at early childhood centres and schools with children’s vaccination status. If the government accepts the recommendations in the report, it appears that parents will be forced to choose whether their child has no vaccinations or all vaccinations on the schedule. Please read the report for yourself. We will keep you updated on this issue.


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Fri Apr 8 , 2011

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