The Car That Runs On Water


Can a car really run on water?

Yes …  if you can split off the H2 from the  H20… then the car could run on hydrogen derived from water.

Can you accomplish this within the “engine” of a so-called water-fueled car?

Yes again … it’s already being done.
[ … cute … ]

So why don’t we have have cars like this?

Beats me.

Reuters Asia reported on the existence of this car last year.

I bet you haven’t heard of it.

Why not?

The “hydrogen cell” technology pushed by Bush & Co. is a preposterous over-complication of a simple idea.

Hydrogen is already in water and the energy from hydrogen can be released from water in the car.

There’s no reason on earth to produce hydrogen centrally, truck it around and create hydrogen fillings stations.

The fact that Obama & Co. are not all over this is a sign of how profoundly compromised he is by the oil industry.

There are already several replacements for gasoline powered cars ready to go right now.

We know what the hold up is.

Video here

– Brasscheck


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