The Chalice & The Blade

The Chalice & The Blade: The Most Important Book Since ‘The Origin Of The Species.’

~ Ashley Montagu
Princeton Anthropologist


This international bestseller

– now in 23 foreign editions, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew,

and most European languages

– tells a fascinating new story of our past, present, and the possibilities for our future.

Weaving together evidence from art, archeology, religion, social science, history,

and many other fields of inquiry into new patterns that more accurately fit the best available data,

it shows that war and the “war of the sexes” are neither divinely nor biologically ordained.

It provides verification that a better future is possible

-and that this is in fact firmly rooted in the haunting drama of what actually happened in our past.


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Sun Jul 17 , 2011
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