An Excellent Read ~ Puppets In Revolt : Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan & The United States


Empires are built through the promotion and backing of local collaborators

who act at the behest of imperial rulers.

They are rewarded with the outward symbols of authority and financial handouts,

even as it is understood that they hold their position only at the tolerance of their imperial superiors.

Imperial collaborators are referred to by the occupied people and the colonial resistance as “puppets” or “traitors”;

by western journalists and critics as “clients”;

by the imperial scribes and officials as “loyal allies”

as long as they remain obedient to their sponsors and paymaster.

Puppet rulers have a long and ignoble history during the 20th century.

Subsequent to US invasions in Central America

( Honduras )

and the Caribbean

( Grenada )

a whole string of bloody puppet dictators were put in power

to implement policies

favorable to US corporations and banks

and to back US regional dominance.

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