Jackie Onassis believed that Lyndon B Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy, ‘explosive’ recordings are set to reveal. The secret tapes will show that the former first lady felt that her husband’s successor was at the heart […]


[youtube]-96TCpcHfcM[/youtube] Explaining Netflix to Simon Power Posted by Clare Curran on August 10th, 2011 Commerce Minister Simon Power drove through the Copyright Bill a few months ago. It gets enacted on 1 September, but as of tomorrow illegal filesharing will count towards penalties. Labour supported it in order to […]

For months now the Libyan rebels have been infighting and progressively moving toward total discontinuity. [ … as men with guns & cash at stake are wont to do. ] Like I have been saying since the beginning, this was never as cut-and-dried as the mainstream media made it out […] Let’s take this with a pinch of salt, but via Izabella Kaminska of FTAlphaville comes a very interesting theory on why the UK’s civil society has collapsed. The theory — new techniques by British police have led to a drug drought in the country. Now angry drug barons are […]

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