Obama Raises The Military Stakes : Confrontation On The Frontiers Of China & Russia

[ yep … bullets go right through you.   My advice ?  Don’t even f#@&ing be over there.  ]


After suffering major military and political defeats in bloody ground wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (above)

failing to buttress long-standing clients in Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia


[ It’s a good picture of him … … he looks like a fat Dracula that’s been squeezed into some natty Regent St penguin duds. ]

and witnessing the disintegration of puppet regimes in Somalia and South Sudan,


the Obama regime has learned nothing:



he has turned toward greater military confrontation

with global powers,

namely Russia and China.

Obama has adopted a provocative offensive military strategy right on the frontiers of both China and Russia.


After going from defeat to defeat on the periphery of world power

and not satisfied with running treasury-busting deficits in pursuit of empire building against economically weak countries,

Obama has embraced a policy of encirclement and provocations against China,

the world’s second largest economy and the US’s most important creditor,

and Russia,

the European Union’s principle oil and gas provider

and the world’s second most powerful nuclear weapons power.


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