Dear Friends, I hope you are all well. This is your election update special bulletin.  As you may already know I am not a member of any political party. Several weeks ago I emailed an election questionnaire on behalf of www.noforcedvaccines.org to all parties that I knew were standing candidates in […]

Thanks to architect/fantastic friend Philip Kennedy of Christchurch who just sent us these diagrams…it’s VERY CLEAR that the global extraction corporations own the Key administratiion and that NZ is clearly in their sights, targetted for full-spectrum extraction of any and every resource…beginning with offshore oil and alluvial minerals and artesian […]


  “As in the case of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the key to understanding the event lies not in who actually committed the violence but rather who was able to strip away the normal security protection.” Jim Marrs – 9/13/01 – “Who’s Truly Behind the Attack on […]

Life on Earth may have its origins in outer space, according to Nasa research. Scientists have analysed meteorites that formed billions of years ago before falling to Earth. The carbon-rich fragments were found to contain chemicals similar to one of the key components of DNA, the building blocks of life. […]