9/11. The Mother Of All Coincidences



One of the most colorful theories comes from Gen. Hamid Gul,

former director of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI.

He insists that 9/11 was staged by Israel’s Mossad and a cabal of rightwing US Air Force generals.

I inspected the ruins of the New York’s Twin Towers,

atop which I often dined,

right after the attack.

Downtown Manhattan was enveloped by a hideous,

stinking miasma from the attack.

I have never smelled anything so awful.

It took me days to scrub the foul odor off my body.

As a native New Yorker,

I was shaken to the core by 9/11

– but hardly surprised,

as I had predicted a major attack on the US nine days earlier.

While visiting the Pentagon to consult on the Mideast,

I also inspected its outside wall hit by the third hijacked aircraft.

I saw photos of the impact site

and could not understand what had happened to all the aircraft wreckage.

There was almost none.

In 1993,

I was hijacked over Germany on a Lufthansa flight bound for Cairo.

The Ethiopian hijacker took us all the way back to New York City.

The hijacker was threatening to crash our A310 jumbo jet into Wall Street.

Our flight was shadowed by US F-15 fighters that had orders to shoot, if necessary.



was US air defense on 11 Sept. 2001?

A day after 9/11,

I was asked on CNN if Osama bin Laden was behind the attack.

‘We have yet to see the evidence,’ I replied.

I maintain this position today.


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