SOPA & PIPA ~ The Nightmare On Elm Street Has Begun!


Michael Vincent © 2012

While I share every thinking person’s growing concern over the net, and the intellectual freedom being threatened,
it might be as well to highlight the recall motions that are flooding into state capitals and Washington, as I write these words.
Thankfully, there are a large number of Americans who have answered the call to arms.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the right to dump our unresponsive politicians – something that must be raised, in the up coming review of our Parliamentary system. We all need to understand, this issue does not just affect American net users, it threatens every Internet user on the planet.

How much did ‘ the smiling assassin’ know?
I can’t believe Prime Minister Key, and his advisors, hadn’t been well briefed about the SOPA and PIPA bills before the election and decided to say nothing! The impact on New Zealand will be as important as is it is to America. What Key and company won’t have figured out, as yet, is what happens when someone decides to challenge Fontera’s intellectual property rights, and has the entire Fontera network dumped off the Internet? The people in Fontera might want to think about this, because if it happens, and I believe it’s just a matter of time before it does, it won’t be any use ringing John… Our dairy industry’s survival will be in the hands of the most litigious legal system in the world. The scammers are already at work making bogus claims against website owners for alleged copyright infringements. How will anyone tell the difference between a genuine claim and the scammers? This legislation will only serve to open the floodgates!

But…it’s not as though we weren’t warned!
We have been warned of this for years and done nothing. The day Microsoft was allowed to patent ‘Arial’ script, the writing was literally, on the wall. No one seemed to understand, the reason written script cannot be copyrighted, is to preserve the transfer of information. How long is it going to be before magazines like Uncensored are put out of business, given the content it publishes? This is not about ‘copyright’. It’s about putting the MSM back in business by destroying a competitor, the Internet blog community. The claim the entertainment industry is losing its shirt to down-loaders and copyists, is a completely unfounded and unproven claim. Sure, there are illegal downloads, but they’re a miniscule trickle compared to what the viewers and I-pod users pay for a new release. The movie industry is still clocking up record earnings – even though we’re in the middle of a recession! This is all about corporate control of information streams, driven by greed and political agendas.

How long before you will need to register your computer?
The most serious enemy agenda facing us is the restrictions on owning a computer. Our enemy won’t damage their commercial prospects by removing them from circulation, but they will – gradually – make them less and less capable of dealing with anything but a limited number of websites. We are already being coerced to do our bill paying and money transfers on line – and what better way to check cash flow and tax it? – and required to deal with government departments on line, because there are no local offices. LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) has already done this. If you want to look at a physical land registration title, for the whole of Auckland and Northland, you have to make an appointment and go to HAMILTON, 70 kilometres south of Auckland city! Our enemies have read and understood Orwell’s 1984, only too well and have set about emplacing the technology to make it a reality. By getting the taxpayer to finance the development of the Internet infrastructure, they have even charged us for putting up our own prisons!

Make no mistake… they have declared war on us!
Naturally, behind the scenes, organizations like the Council for Foreign relations, the Bilderberg Group and all the other one-world manipulators, will be assuring their counterparts throughout the world that these two pieces of legislation will remove dissent from the net. There will no longer be any justification required to remove thousands of ‘ inconveniently truthful’ websites from the system. The FBI or one of the myriad of ‘alphabetty’, state security bureaux, will simply cut the connection and you will know nothing until someone tells you your website has gone dark!

So… what to do?
There is only one answer, in my opinion.
Make the Hollywood bagmen and their lobbyist pimps, who have manipulated this legislation, along with their senate and congressional allies pay! Recall every politician that voted for the legislation. Make no exceptions!
Boycott ONE and one only, movie studio. Don’t go to their movies; don’t rent their videos. It may cause temporary pain for some in the movie industry, but that is a small price to pay for the hundreds of millions of jobs and careers that will be damaged or destroyed by this iniquitous legislation.
If our enemies make further restrictions, begin a new round of recalls AND add another movie studio to the list. Keep adding movie studios and TV networks to the boycott list until the enemy surrenders!
Forget ‘Occupy Wall Street’, hit them where it really hurts! In the pocket! Don’t trade with the enemy!

We do not forgive… we do not forget!
This is about the right to speak and be heard. What would you do if a policeman arrested you while talking to a friend in the street, because you criticized government policy? There are millions who still remember such a system. It only stopped, in 1990, after Michail Gorbachev dissolved the Communist Party at its 23rd Congress in Moscow. Unless we all act together, this Marxist madness will descend upon us again.
Once in place, there will be no way back – No second chance!


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