British Cop Heads Oppressions In Bahrain As Royals Arrive For Holiday


It has been one year since the anti-government protest in Bahrain was crushed

and many called for a reform of law enforcement in the country.

The ex-assistant commissioner of London’s Metropolitan police has taken the task of reform.

John Yates is now employed by Bahrain’s Monarchy.

Yates resigned from Scotland Yard last year during the phone hacking scandal

and many critics believe his association with Bahrain is erroneous.


When the Countess of Wessex and her husband, Prince Andrew

embarked on a pre-Christmas trip to the Middle East, many were surprised Bahrain was on the itinerary.


After all, despite claims at reforms, the al-Khalifa dynasty in charge of the country

was still overseeing a crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

With many imprisoned, injured or killed,

the country had faced calls to enter into meaningful dialogue with protestors.

It was, perhaps more surprising that the Countess of Wessex would accept jewellery from the Bahraini royal family

estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

Now this has been exposed,

instead of embarrassment and a quick return of the tainted goods – the Countess has held on to her new ‘treasures’.

Politicians and pro-democracy campaigners

are urging the British Royal family to reconsider.

This is just another example of the continued cosy relationships between the Monarchy in Britain and dynasties across the Middle East,

some with appalling human rights abuse records.

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