Flight 175


We begin this presentation with footage of the first explosion at the World Trade Center

on the morning of September 11, 2001 and then proceed to the second attack on the towers.

Many of these videos are carefully avoided by mockers of 9/11 Truth.

If they had to face the TV Fakery issue, their defense of the “official myth” would soon crumble.

It’s sad to see some 9/11 researchers taking it upon themselves to treat “no-planers” with such scorn.

Behavior that should be left to the fantasy-promoting tools and idiots who come to alternative news websites like Uncensored

to ridicule the posts, and attempt to humiliate those who prefer alternative sources of news over daily corporate brainwashing.

Please examine the following evidence with care,

and it will soon become obvious (if it isn’t already) that the 9/11 fraud extends further than many have been willing to admit.

Yes, to some of the very videos themselves that many in 9/11 Truth have believed to be real.

This collection makes it quite clear that most if not all of the “plane impact” footage is either fake

or (at best) certainly does not show Flight 175 crashing into the South Tower.

Time wasters, debunkers, and trolls have referred to this writer as a “no-planer”

when a show-me-the-planer would be more accurate, because most everywhere I look for a “plane”

“crashing” into one of the twin towers; I see manipulated film or a cartoon, not video evidence.


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